Waterpik® Water Flosser

We all know the importance of brushing our teeth daily. It helps in removing plaque and promotes good oral hygiene, but brushing alone is not good enough. The surface between your teeth and under your gum line has to be cleaned as well

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Tooth fairy’s ‘pearls of wisdom for healthy teeth’

Beginning an oral health routine with your child at an early age is important for the life of his/her smile. Healthy primary teeth help in the proper development of the kid’s jaw and maintain space for the adult teeth.

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Decoding Dental Scaling

Dental scaling/ cleaning is a term we have come across when we visit our dentist for a dental checkup and often doctor recommends that we get our teeth cleaned or get scaling done at least once every six months for good oral hygiene.

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Flossing Your Teeth

Your teeth should be flossed on a daily basis to remove any type of excess food particles that may be stuck. Leaving the food in-between your teeth will result in tooth decay and bacteria forming. Knowing how to properly floss your teeth will help ensure that you are doing everything you

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Pregnancy and Oral Health

Old wives tales have linked pregnancy and poor dental health – for example, ‘you lose a tooth for each child’. Recent research has shown that pregnancy does cause changes in the mouth that may put your oral health at risk. During pregnancy, you are more likely to have problems with your teeth or gums.

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Dental Implant: Restore your smile

Missing teeth are troublesome, they pose esthetic concern which is quite obvious but more sinister damage happens beneath your gum, and only visible over a long period of time. Missing teeth cause bone loss which can age your face and could potentially cause adjacent teeth..

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Overbrushing do more harmthan good

As said by Hippocrates – “the father of western medicine”, “everything in excess is opposed to nature” and there is a lot of truth in his saying. Nothing in excess is good, not even brushing your teeth. If brushing is good for your teeth, then brushing vigorously must be really good, right? Nope.

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Stain removal with power cleaning

Power cleaning is performed using an advanced instrument, specially designed to remove simple tooth staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking​. It is an advanced version of scaling and polish treatment giving you an overall really effective good clean, leaving you with clean..

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