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Essential AutoCAD Activation Code functions

AutoCAD Crack Free Download provides several types of layers and views, most of which have been optimized for drafting in 2D. These features include drawing and editing tools, which are activated with the click of a button.

AutoCAD also has a comprehensive set of AutoCAD commands, which are primarily for in-place editing and creating objects. Another layer of efficiency is the ability to work with both types of objects simultaneously. The commands available in AutoCAD are tabbed for easy access.

Layers and Views

The Layers panel of AutoCAD is shown in the figure below, and is available in all applications of AutoCAD.

The different types of layers are organized according to the type of object they are associated with. The Blue Grid layer and its associated Grid Line layer group are a special case, and are associated with the type of AutoCAD object called a drawing.

The layers are available for most operations, and include the following types:

Dimension and related types. The Dimension layer, for example, is responsible for representing length, width, and depth of objects. These attributes can be recorded for planning and manufacturing. A Dimensioned Layer is associated with drawing objects and automatically includes the associated Dimension layer. Other commonly used types of Dimensioned layers include Length and Width. Other dimension types include Design Drawing and Assembly drawing.

Drawing, plans, and sections. The Drawing layer, which is one of the main layers, displays or represents drawings. A drawing can be an individual AutoCAD drawing document, or it can be a drawing of other AutoCAD documents, called linked drawings.

Editing and annotation. The Editing layer shows all of the existing drawing objects and their attributes. The layer can be used for editing existing objects, creating new objects, or annotating drawings. Annotations can be created with standard drawing tools or by drawing directly on the annotation layer.

Dimensions. The Dimensions layer contains length, width, and depth of drawing objects. The layer is responsible for creating these types of objects.

Specs. The Specs layer contains a set of object specifications, used by drawing functions to create objects from templates or to create custom objects from a drawing.

Graphics. The Graphics layer contains the coordinates of individual points, segments, and arcs in a drawing. This layer is normally associated with all graphics objects created in a drawing.

Extrusion and sweep. The Extr

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AutoCAD Crack Free Download allows construction of 3D models with numerous modeling methods. The primary method for 3D drafting is based on the “Constructive Solid Geometry” (CSG) method, which uses geometric objects, called bounding volumes. The CSG process, however, cannot produce surfaces and solids of revolution.

In general, AutoCAD Crack For Windows provides four methods for 3D modeling:

Solid modeling. 3D models are built with a 2.5D wireframe, and then solid or shell. Solid modeling provides for the full freedom of modeling that usually requires AutoCAD Serial Key, with the exception of creating curved surfaces and solids of revolution.
Surface modeling. 3D surfaces are generated by modeling a 2D shape with a 2D wireframe. A variety of methods are available for defining the shape, such as primitive, solid, polyline, spline, or bezier curves.
Feature modeling. Objects can be added to the model interactively by selecting from several other objects and placing them into the drawing.
Layout. Tools are available to generate floorplans, walls, stairs, doors, windows, etc., and place them into the drawing to create a model for a building.

Many other specialized methods are also available for specific tasks, such as dimensioning, line weight, thickness, etc., for walls.

AutoCAD is the world’s most popular 3D modeling and drafting system, and a number of companies offer 3D AutoCAD. Such products include Alias, Microsoft AutoCAD, Nemetschek, Siemens PLM Software, Sysmex, Suntec, System Designers and others. In addition, many third-party CAD software companies have developed interoperability features with AutoCAD, e.g. Human Engineering Software, Humanoid, NXN, Qualitas and Siemens NX.

Release history
AutoCAD 2010/2010 R1 – 2009/10/25
AutoCAD 2009/2009 R2 – 2008/10/27
AutoCAD 2009/2009 R1 – 2007/09/07
AutoCAD 2007/2007 R1 – 2006/08/25
AutoCAD 2006/2006 R1 – 2005/07/20
AutoCAD 2005/2005 R1 – 2004/06/19
AutoCAD 2005/2005 R2 – 2003/06/23
AutoCAD 2005/2005

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What’s New In?

When importing to drawings that have their own comments, the Import Comments dialog is off by default. Selecting Import Comments from the Import/Export dialog will turn on that feature.

When the Import Comments dialog is turned on, its focus is the current drawing. To select the current drawing, click the arrow in the top-right corner of the Import Comments dialog. Or, click the arrow in the upper-right corner of the Import Comments dialog to switch to the next drawing in the drawing list. To select the next drawing, click the arrow in the top-right corner of the Import Comments dialog.

Alternatively, you can select multiple drawings to import feedback from by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the drawing’s name in the Import Comments dialog.

Markup Assist dialog:

Quickly review all comments made by the drawing’s author. The Markup Assist dialog’s focus is the current drawing. Click to toggle between the drawing and the Markup Assist dialog’s main tab.

The Markup Assist dialog shows the annotation, markup, and commands that have been applied to the drawing. You can scroll through these comments to see the current author’s remarks about each feature.

While the drawing is open, click the Markup Assist dialog’s Markup tab to view the current author’s remarks. (You must be signed into AutoCAD for this feature to work.)

Comments are highlighted in yellow (to identify each comment’s author) and underlined in blue (to identify each comment’s type). You can right-click to select any comment for a quick review.

You can double-click to view the comment’s text in the Markup Assist dialog or on the drawing itself.

Annotation dialog:

Work with annotations that are easy to edit. Annotations are integrated with text, graphics, and dimensions, and they are always at the document’s origin point.

Click any annotation to open the Annotation dialog. If you want to edit the text, click the text in the Annotation dialog to bring up the Editing dialog. If you want to edit the annotation’s properties or the property data for the annotation, click the arrow at the top-right corner of the Annotation dialog to open the Annotation/Property Details dialog.


There are several types of text:

AutoText –

System Requirements:

The Intel integrated graphics device must be a HD Graphics 4000 or HD Graphics 500 family device with DirectX 11 support. The discrete graphics device must be a DirectX 11-compliant graphics card with at least one AMD GCN family architecture graphics processor.
Minimum system requirements are based on DirectX 11
(Windows Vista or Windows 7) or
(Windows 8.1) with recommended system requirements are based on
Additional GPU and/or CPU specifications and minimum system requirements may be required for some features.
The default DirectX version may be lower than 10.0 and higher

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