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In December 1984, AutoCAD LT for microcomputers (first released as AutoCAD PE) was released. AutoCAD PE and AutoCAD LT use the same graphics engine. AutoCAD PE is still available, and is the successor of AutoCAD LT for desktop users, while AutoCAD LT is the successor to AutoCAD PE for microcomputer users. In December 2004, AutoCAD LT was released as a mobile app for the iPhone and the iPad. In December 2009, AutoCAD WMT was released for mobile platforms. In September 2015, AutoCAD WS was released for mobile platforms.

In April 2010, AutoCAD LT was superseded by AutoCAD 2010, which also introduced a new graphical user interface and is optimized for low-end computers. AutoCAD 2010 is the successor to AutoCAD LT.

The idea of using a CAD program for all aspects of the engineering process is not new. The first industrial CAD program, originally developed by Eduard Meier for Siemens in 1966, was computer-aided drafting (CAD). In 1971, several prominent engineering firms and several universities introduced CAD into their respective engineering curricula. Most of the first CAD applications ran on minicomputers, and were used to produce technical drawings, which were reviewed by the CAD operator at a graphics terminal and then corrected by another CAD operator. The next major step towards desktop CAD was the introduction of dedicated CAD operator machines in the late 1970s, replacing the graphics terminal. One example is the CIR system (1975), which was the world’s first portable, dedicated CAD operator for desktop use. While the CIR eventually had to be replaced by the Apple II in the mid-1980s, other dedicated CAD operators were introduced in the 1980s, such as the CAD/A, CAD/C, CAD/S, and CAD/R, most of which were designed by Siemens. Other dedicated CAD operators include the MUSE (1986), which was first introduced by the German company Multimedia Information Systems (MIS). Another example is the Compaq MP (1987), which was the first desktop-based CAD operator specifically designed for automotive engineering. The CAD/D was developed by the British firm Autodesk. In 1990, the first PC-based dedicated CAD operator was introduced: the CADRPC.

Other firsts of desktop CAD were introduced during the 1980s, such as screen mapping, path moving, rendering and construction tools

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Developers have also created toolbars, add-ons, and extensions for AutoCAD, including programmable tools, application builders and plugins.

Graphical user interface
AutoCAD LT’s graphical user interface (GUI) has a flat topology as compared to that of AutoCAD, with the exception of a difference in the block style. It contains four toolbars, a main menu bar at the bottom of the screen, a status bar at the top, a drawing toolbar and two auxiliary toolbars. The drawing toolbar allows users to select, insert, and edit objects in the drawing. The auxiliary toolbars are for working with blocks and dimensions. The main menu bar includes a number of items, such as a change tool, a zoom function, a “get started” feature, and more. The status bar provides various information about the drawing, such as the name of the drawing, what is selected, and other information.
The most recent version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT 2011, was intended to be more straightforward and intuitive than its predecessor, but received criticism for this. The Newton technology used in AutoCAD LT has also been criticized for its slow performance.

Interactive features
The following interactive features are available in AutoCAD:
Navigate command
Select command
Sketch command
Coordinate system
Text command
Text properties
3D modeling
Shape reference
Dimensions extension
Block parameterization
Visual Styles
Dimensions and blocks
Change tool
Ink tool
Blocks, dimensions, and blocks
Drag and drop
Get started
Linked (3D) objects
Data management
Block properties
Parametric surfaces

Awards and recognition

CADalyst named AutoCAD as its CAD Software of the Year in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, Autodesk also received the Red Herring’s Europe 100 award for the best European software company in the market to invest in. AutoCAD was awarded the National Award for Productivity Tools by IEEE Computer Society in 2004, and the Autodesk, Inc. Stevie Award for Small Company of the Year in 2004. It was also named Best Desktop Application for Engineers in the 10th annual A+ awards for software tools and applications in 2007. Autodesk made the third annual listing of the World’s Most

AutoCAD [32|64bit]

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Type the license key. It appears automatically. Click OK button to exit the application.

Click yes to activate the application.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Faster right-click and use for menu shortcuts. A new contextual right-click menu provides more commands in familiar parts of the Ribbon. (video: 3:30 min.)

Quickly zoom out to a full-page, 300 dpi print of your drawing. The new Zoom view automatically zooms to the entire page, with graphics and detail in the page. (video: 2:40 min.)

Export to web and mobile formats for rapid sharing of your designs and data. Export DWG, DXF, and PDF files to format ready for use in web and mobile apps. (video: 1:20 min.)

Printing and sharing:

View multiple drawing pages at once, with resolutions to match all of your devices. The new Print dialog now shows every page of a drawing, showing multiple resolutions for the same page. (video: 1:55 min.)

Print in a variety of sizes and formats, using all of your devices. Print from your computer or from cloud storage services. (video: 1:20 min.)

“High-Definition” print: Every drawing you print will now preserve every detail in the original drawing. (video: 2:40 min.)

Freehand and grid lines on all styles: Add hand-drawn lines and grid lines with all 2D styles. (video: 1:20 min.)

Intuitive and productive drawing:

Use custom drawing panels: create your own panels to organize your drawing and access your most used commands. (video: 2:20 min.)

Fill a custom drawing panel with any object type: Get your custom drawing panel organized with your favorite shapes, blocks, 3D models, and other objects. (video: 2:20 min.)

Improved Mtext support: Easily edit and change Mtext with our new text management panel. (video: 2:10 min.)

Filter based on style or drawing layer: Create and save customized filter presets to make your work faster. (video: 2:05 min.)

Support for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iOS: Improve the experience of opening and closing drawings on Windows, Windows Mobile, Android and iOS devices. (video: 1:45 min.)

Enhanced productivity for creators:

Text wrap to create drawings with text anywhere: All shapes, text, and lines in AutoCAD can now wrap to the next

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Mac: macOS 10.11 or higher
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 or higher
Linux: Debian 8 or higher
Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or higher
Linux: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 or higher
Linux: Fedora 21 or higher
Linux: CentOS 7 or higher
Sega Dreamcast and VirtuaBoy emulators
Sega Dreamcast emulators: hdb, hdb2

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