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The second-largest study of the construction industry—mini-automated hands-on construction (HAHOC)—is based on the experiences, knowledge and analytical skills of operators and technicians who work on real construction jobs on a daily basis. This field study was conducted for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with funding provided by the National Science Foundation and was published in ASCE, JOM, AEC:52, Understanding Construction: Design, Construction, and Operation of the Built Environment. This year, 3D modeling technology is expected to enter its third decade of mainstream application.

With construction costs continuing to escalate—more than 25% higher than costs in 2001—over 2% of contractors, who control approximately 80% of the market, say they are seriously considering downsizing or going out of business. In addition, on average, it takes an estimated 500 days for construction firms to complete their projects once construction starts. About 240,000 construction workers left the industry for other jobs, leaving the construction industry with about 190,000 employees.

3D modeling has had a profound impact on the design and construction industries, allowing architects, engineers and builders to visualize and understand their own designs in ways that had not been possible before. In fact, every major architectural firm in the United States adopted AutoCAD in the 1990s.

graphic representation of the objects on a computer, right from the design stage and creating the drawings is today possible with the help of AutoCAD. The application provides accurate three-dimensional representations of working drawings or drawings used in the production, engineering, architectural, or construction design fields. These visualized drawings can be used to generate construction components, assemblies, and sub-assemblies directly related to the project. This enables manufacturing and construction project managers to create accurate cost estimates, production schedules, and detailed reports to fulfill their regulatory and project budgets.


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