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AutoCAD Crack Free Download has several interfaces for accessing the program from a keyboard, pen tablet, mouse, or graphics tablet, and for controlling it via a network. It is one of the most widely used CAD programs worldwide. AutoCAD is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android operating systems, and with a version for iPad, and one for the cloud-based web platform SketchUp (see List of AutoCAD plug-ins). As of May 2018, over 4 million CAD installations were on Windows, over 2.3 million were on macOS, and over 1.3 million were on Linux.

AutoCAD’s history since 1982 is chronicled in the “History of AutoCAD” (see Related products). This article covers the software’s history since 1984, when it was introduced for the Apple Macintosh.

In 1984 Autodesk released AutoCAD, an early CAD program for the Apple Macintosh, which became a commercial success. The first version of AutoCAD was released in late 1982 for the Apple IIe, Apple III, Apple IIGS, and the Commodore 64.

Autodesk developed an application for the Apple Macintosh in 1984 called SolidWorks, which competed against Microsoft’s own early Microsoft Visual Works (later to be known as Microsoft Visual Studio).

The first version of AutoCAD was available for the Apple Macintosh in late 1984. It was one of the first software products to appear on the Apple Macintosh, which was still in its infancy. The first version of AutoCAD was only available for the Apple IIe, Apple IIgs, and the Apple III. Because the Apple IIe, Apple IIgs, and the Apple III were available as a group, they are sometimes referred to as the Apple IIc.

Before AutoCAD was available for Macintosh, it was available only for microcomputer systems with internal graphics controllers. Most of the individual users who used MicroPRO, a competing program, had to pay for the program and use a separate graphics terminal in order to work on the microcomputer. In the early 1980s, many companies bought special graphics terminals for use with microcomputers to run their software. The graphics terminal was mounted on a dedicated desk.

Other CAD programs for the Macintosh had been developed for the MacIntosh, but they were usually provided as either shareware or freeware. These CAD programs were mostly for graphics work and included screen savers.


Release history

Autodesk’s first

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In 2017, Autodesk released a new product called AutoCAD Map 3D. AutoCAD Map 3D is a new 3D data management and data viewing solution for the AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Electrical software products.

Rational Rose is a freely available C++ library to analyze CAD data. It is used to create application-specific extensions to AutoCAD.


Initial production of AutoCAD started in 1987 and took over 10 years before they were sold for $1,000 each. In 2004, Autodesk launched a new version of AutoCAD called AutoCAD 2004. This version was only capable of working with Autodesk software products; it did not support native import or export of any files.

Several new features were added, including features for pipe modeling and labeling, 3D modeling, label rotation and arcing, annotation tools, and undo (see Data Management). AutoCAD 2004 also received a number of bug fixes. AutoCAD 2004 took nearly five years to develop, and went on sale in September of 2004, five years after it was first announced. The user interface was replaced, and new CAD applications were added such as AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Electrical. On September 30, 2009, a new version was released for retail sale, AutoCAD 2009.

AutoCAD 2010 introduced an entirely new user interface with a navigation bar. AutoCAD 2010 includes support for new 2D and 3D modeling features such as drawing tables, block grids, and overhangs. Other new features included a custom property set to share drawing objects with Excel, and the ability to load and save parts from other applications. A new feature called “Professional Measure” allows drawing tables and building parts in a spreadsheet for faster 3D model creation and parametric parts creation.

AutoCAD 2012 introduced a new version of the 2D Drafting toolbar for creating CAD drawings. The new toolbar includes various tools such as perspective, orthographic, and drafting settings. With the addition of the 2D toolbar, AutoCAD allows users to create orthographic drawings and change the project units. The 3D Drafting toolbar is now a ribbon, which allows for custom shortcuts to be created. These shortcuts can be assigned to keyboard keys, so that they are faster to use. The drawing tables were also upgraded with the new version, and are now editable by users.

AutoCAD 2013 introduced a new

AutoCAD [Mac/Win] [Latest 2022]

Go to the command line and run the following command:

What’s New In?

Import And Convert:

Bring your legacy AutoCAD drawings into the present with powerful integration with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2018. Convert drawings directly to other formats, including DWG, PDF, and DXF. (video: 1:43 min.)

Graphical Representation:

Export any drawing to SVG, export to the High Definition Movie format, and export to the new PowerPoint Format for web and presentation. (video: 1:14 min.)

Technical & Speed Improvements:

Examine AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT in-depth with the Technical & Speed Improvements in AutoCAD 2023. Find out more about what’s new in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT!

Coming soon: The new Release Candidate for AutoCAD LT 2023 is now available for download. This is a test and evaluation version of AutoCAD LT 2023 and is not a new release.

Note: The 2020.2 release of AutoCAD LT 2023 is available to you for download now.

Please read the release notes for any new features and changes that might impact your work.

Follow AutoCAD on social media:

Watch for AutoCAD announcements and other news about AutoCAD on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Autodesk Technical Professional, please contact a member of your local Autodesk sales and marketing organization.


AutoCAD 2023 will be available to purchase on starting Oct. 24, 2019. Get more info about this release and buy it here.

New Features:

Import & Convert:

Bring your legacy AutoCAD drawings into the present with powerful integration with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2018. Convert drawings directly to other formats, including DWG, PDF, and DXF.

Rapidly send and incorporate feedback into your designs. Import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically, without additional drawing steps.

Incorporate existing comments and feedback from other applications, such as Word and PowerPoint, to speed the review process and improve collaboration.

Toggle visibility of AutoCAD annotations, and export annotations to PDF for sharing with others.

On-Screen Import is a new feature that allows you to import geometry from a variety of drawing formats. This can be used

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Before purchasing Diablo III or doing anything else, check to see that you meet the minimum system requirements. If you don’t, you’ll need to make some changes to your computer. If you’re upgrading to a new PC, check out the link to hardware requirements.
Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10
Processor: Intel Core™ i3 or later, AMD Phenom™ II or later
Memory: 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)

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