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Engelephug is the second album by The Rawlinsons, originally released in 1976. The album had some success, including being the first time the band signed to a major label, Atlantic Records. It has since become one of their best-known and most celebrated albums.

Critical reception to the album was mixed. Stephen Holden of The New York Times described the album as “merely good” and said “The band, composed of Mr. Marshall and his two New Orleans brothers, David and Clayton, is quite good, but they are made of the same material that has produced thousands of carefully polished and packaged bands like the Staple Singers and the Peacocks.” William Ruhlmann of AllMusic states “Well before punk rock, hip hop or grunge, The Rawlinsons delivered the kind of funky music that would eventually be called’soul.’ Their debut album, Engelephug, though only released in 1976, is a must for anyone interested in roots music or any music that celebrated the streetlife in New Orleans or elsewhere. While the album has been belatedly given a reputation as one of the roots music classic’s, by the time it was recorded, the band had already abandoned the blues of that early vinyl recording and started to paint entirely original pictures.”

Chart positions
Album – Billboard (North America)


External links
The Rawlinsons-Engelephug-1976 on AllMusic
The Rawlinsons-Engelephug-1976 on

Category:1976 albums
Category:The Rawlinsons albums
Category:Atlantic Records albumsQ:

Does anyone have a list of enemy units with at least a description?

I’ve never played HCT a whole lot, but the last few patches have left me missing some information I was probably used to earlier.


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Bacanal De Adolescentes Tube
Bacanal De Adolescentes Tube
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