Cloud Dominator Cracked Fixed Download

Cloud Dominator Cracked Fixed Download

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Cloud Dominator Cracked Download

Wander and Dominator prepare to fight. Dominator dramatically blows the drill again and again, trying to destroy the tiny sphere. But every time, the drill stops. Dominator and Sylvia assure that their drill could never reach the sphere. In the meantime, Wander demands to know what Collusions fulfill in real life. Dominator explains that Collusion is just a mirror of the Internet, who only respects what a user wants. She says that she’ll only answer toher master, which is herself. Then she offers Wander a job at her side.

Wander takes the offer, and he has what he wants, but as the Sphere gets ready for a battle with Dominator, he is concerned for her. She is enraged at Wander, and a fight ensues. After a lot of pain, Dominator and Wander struggle to subdue the watchdogs. Alexis, in the meantime, sneaks up to get a pickup, and she gets a hold of the watchdogs’ contract to lure them to Dominator’s ship.

With the help of Collusion, Wander quickly takes advantage of the drill through the Prismatic Sphere and breaks the contract. Collusion is too weak to take on Wander alone, so he takes his cue from Alexis who hacks into the precinct control cube. Collusion orders drones to attack Wander. Some drones are sent to destroy the watchdogs and Alexis, but they are easily overcome. Alexi uses the blueprints for the drone to have the drones search Sophia’s computer, where she knows how to repair it. Soon, the drones and watchdogs are sent to attack Alexis.

Searing hatred for Collusion, Alexi desperately attacks the drones. Then, the watchdogs get loose again, and they brutally beat her. One of the drones then is sent to the ship to get the Prismatic Sphere. Still, Alexis manages to escape.

Through the Prismatic Sphere again, Wander starts taking down the drones one by one, and he reaches the ship which contains the Prismatic Sphere. He quickly grabs a mouthpiece and starts blowing the drones.


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