Crafty 1.0.0 Free Download [Win/Mac]

Crafty is a 3D object, material, model and file browsing utility targeted towards Half-Life modders or enthusiasts looking for a Steam Independent application for quick previews.
Crafty currently supports Half-Life 2 .bsp, .vmf , .gl and .mdl formats along with Half-Life Classic .map, .bsp and .mdl as well as .rmf files in a variety of render modes.
Crafty is designed foremost as an object viewer, but it also contains several useful features that can be invoked externally from a command line.







Crafty Crack [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

“What you see is what you get!”
Crafty is the first file browsing application to support 3D previewing. In the past when users wish to test, view or modify their models, it was extremely rare that they had access to an interactive 3D previewing utility.
Crafty supports VRML97 and VRML98.
Crafty supports the most common binary formats of a majority of 3D applications, including OBJ/COB, 3D Studio Max, Quake 3, OpenGL, Unreal Editor’s.bsp,.vmf,.mdl formats.
Crafty supports the most common texture formats for a majority of 3D applications, including Photoshop textures, Adobe Photoshop Media File(PSD), Maya, Poser,.tex,.ply,.wpd,.pov,.svg,.cdr,.dae,.stl,.obj,.k3d,.gl and.mdl formats.
Crafty is a first and best file browsing application that supports 3D previewing. Many other 3D viewers are only designed for pure 2D or only for 3D models. Crafty is the first and best solution for all users

Crafty Workflows:

Crafty is a file/model browsing utility that supports 3D previewing. You might wonder why you should use Crafty? Crafty is more for handling files that you may get in your email, or you may get them directly on your Steam Workshop. Or you may get them from a 3D File, a Modeller and you want to preview it with half life files.
In this case, the file you are trying to test will be in a 3D format. If you’re working on a texture, you’ll find the texture through.wpd,.ply,.pov,.svg,.cdr,.dae, or.stl format. This type of file is open source in most cases.
When you test them, you will use the half-life file of the 3d file you are trying to test. You can use the half-life file to open it into a 3d viewer. Or you can use an alternative model viewer that has a 3D preview. Crafty is the best solution to open the files from half-life files.
Simply type the name of the 3D file that you want to open in a browser and Crafty will

Crafty Free [Updated] 2022

Crafty Crack Keygen is a
powerful, yet easily configurable environment to explore/view 3D files.
It is designed to be fast, powerful and robust.
Crafty is available
for Linux, Windows and OSX.

Great article, I was wondering if there were some mod programmers who could port Crafty to the Mac OS X which I am already using it on Linux.

Hello Crafty I already tried to port this awesome program to Mac using cygwin.
but it is very difficult, although the Mac OS X version also has an UI.
I already ask about the problem with how to port this program, and I tried doing it as it is, but it still does not work.
please help me to port this program to Mac OS X, Thank you very much.

however i would like to suggest my suggestion so that u can success.please read
Hi i would like to suggest u to add more features in ur program so that people can have a good experience while using it that is why I have listed some new features as well. These features are :
1. Add more material types in 3D view like glass,metal, stone,paper and few more so that the user can have more option of view when designing the model.
2. Export all the materials as normals,write as.OBJ or and not only for.OBJ.
3. Export the model for edit in other programs such as Maya,Blender,3DSMax,3DSM,3Dsmax,3DS,World of polyplanes,YSI,Zbrush.
4.Lets the user export the file as.STL and also.OBJ but the user can change the name of the file.
5.Export the model to.STL as well as.OBJ with materials.
6.Lets the user export the model as.STL,.OBJ, Make as.STL,.OBJ or Make of materials.
7.Export the model to edit in 3DS max and also Maya.
8.Export the model into the opengl format.
9.Export the view to Sketch up to view the model in 3D then export it to.OBJ.
10.Save the geometry of the model.
11.Export the model with a texture into any render format.
12.Add all the files that you find in the various folders of the program into

Crafty Crack

Crafty is a 3D model viewer developed specifically for Half-Life enthusiasts. Crafty is a standalone application that is designed to be light-weight and efficient.
Crafty is free software.
Crafty Features:
● Provides a plugin system that allows for extensibility.
● Quick object loading
● Features a plugin system that can allow for plugins such as support for other formats or 3D render engines.
● Supports most standard file formats for 3D rendering and viewports.
● Can import materials and textures from Forge and Valve.
● Includes Steam Content Filter built-in.
● Can also show objects attached to Steam Workshop items.
● The Object browser is equipped with a list of attachable Steam Workshop objects.
● Camera and Viewport Options can be accessed from the context menu of the object browser.
● Features an AI Sandbox that allows for the creation of AI and AI-driven level content for Forge and Valve content.
● Features a built-in video player for viewing videos.
● Supports most standard Steam and YouTube file formats.
● Includes volume information for quick access to associated files.
● Dedicated image viewer for previewing images.
● Built-in Map Viewer that allows for 3D overlay.
● Dedicated Material Viewer that allows for external inspection of materials.
● Dedicated File Viewer that allows for external inspection of files.
● Built-in Texture Viewer that allows for external inspection of textures.
● Built-in Video Viewer that allows for external inspection of videos.
● Built-in Web browser that allows for viewing pages.
● Built-in Web viewer that allows for viewing pages.
● Built-in File browser that allows for quick inspection of files.
● Built-in In-game directory browser.
● Built-in Project Browser for easy access to a directory of content.
● Built-in File Listing functionality allows for fast preview and filtering of files.
● Built-in Zoom functionality allows for quick magnification or inspection of textures.
● Built-in Augmented Reality functionality that allows for quick inspection and enabling of light sources.
● Built-in Volume Hierarchy that makes it easy to display detailed data for the selected volume.
● Dedicated Geometry viewer that allows for visual inspection of geometries.
● Dedicated Map viewer that allows for visual inspection of map data.
● Dedicated Material viewer that allows for visual inspection of materials.

What’s New In?

A program for manipulating.mdl model files for Half-Life using a file tree for easy browsing.
Crafty Features:

Creating.mdl Models from other.mdl models
Custom textures can be applied to.mdl models. The texture can be visualized on the model for comparisons in Half-Life or other applications.
Create models from surfaces or from meshes via custom scripts.
Upload and download models via the Steam Cloud and more…
Create models for other files formats and export them in.mdl format
Load and save models in any format supported by the game engine (like.esp and.rtf)
Load and save models in.obj format
Load and save models in 3dsmax format
Load and save models format
Apply map mods to.vmf files
A utility mode allows one to edit a.mdl file in any text editor
Create models,.bin,.pvu,.pmd, and other formats via command line scripts
Create, merge, split, or cut (relative) models based on components, volumes, and materials
Import models created with other applications
Get all.mdl files (filtered by file type) currently stored in cache folder
View and manage models created with other applications
Export textures from Half-Life models
Export a.mdl model as.3d model model.
Import textures from files.
Create and edit variants for both models and textures
Export meshes to and import meshes from 3dsmax format

How to Apply Graphics:
To apply the skins/graphics, you need to extract the files from the archive and place them in your HL2 directory.


Q: Is this mod only compatible with v.1.5?

A: Yes, as of September 2018 we do not plan to add support for Custom Models created with v.1.6.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Master Model Maker?

A: Yes, if you extract the pack using the command “mtm modmager.exe crafty -a pbo archve.mdl”

Q: I get a error message when starting the game: “The texture file “models\map\assets\pbo\map_aw” is either corrupted or there was a problem downloading it.”

A: Crafty is unable to access many of the textures because of

System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications:
Windows 7 or later
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Intel x64-compatible processor
DirectX® 11
DirectX® Compatible Video Card:
Windows: nVidia® GeForce® GTX 560, Radeon™ HD 7870, or Intel® Core™ i5-2500
Mac: nVidia® GeForce® GTX 460 or ATI HD 5770
Minimum Systems Requirements:
Intel x64-compatible processor

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