Custom Live Wallpaper Creator [Mac/Win]

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator is a versatile application that can help in the making of professional live wallpapers for Android enabled devices.
It targets the average user and does not require any programming knowledge, as the building process of the wallpaper is performed by the program itself. The application embeds a rich array of templates that you can rely on to design a unique screen for your smartphone.
Powered by a comprehensive and intuitive interface, Custom Live Wallpaper Creator gets you acquainted with all of the options right from the start. In the main GUI, there’s a list of all the available live wallpaper scenarios.
Thus, you can opt for a shake wallpaper, which will result in a screen that can be shaken based on a preset sensitivity or for a rotate wallpaper, whose name is self-explanatory.
Moreover, you can design a new screen from multiple images and have them gathered in a slideshow view, as well as to build the wallpaper on top of a GIF animation. In addition, if you opt for the matrix wallpaper, you will be able to turn simple text strings into a matrix-like image.
All the wallpapers will be saved in APK format by default, although you can set the program to export the source code as well (for developers). Not only does the application have the means to generate such resources, but it can also install the wallpaper on your device, provided that it is connected to the computer.
In conclusion, the array of possibilities and customizations provided by the program is quite satisfactory and the overall impression is good. Everything is made possible without writing a single line of code, to the advantage of all audiences.








Custom Live Wallpaper Creator [Updated] 2022

Live Wallpapers are a series of special Android applications that change their appearance in real time, usually displaying different screens. They are quite similar to desktop widgets, which also can be customized.
In fact, the former can be very useful to remind yourself about calls, important events, appointments, or anything else that you might be interested in. The latter are mainly used to display stock updates and sales notifications, or special offers during different times of the day.
In both cases, the process of design is quite similar, even if the application that you are looking for has a separate GUI.
However, when it comes to live wallpapers, it’s not only about aesthetics. The choice also depends on the screen rotation of the device itself, which means that you have the possibility of displaying a particular screen based on the position in which the device is placed.
For example, you can choose to rotate the phone towards the left or towards the right and then watch the wallpapers change. Thus, you can prevent your device from overheating by displaying some wallpaper that offers a fan. This feature is particularly useful if you watch a lot of movies or play games, as your phone often rests on a heated surface.
It makes little sense to download and install an app that only makes your screen look different, as you could get the same result with simpler tools. For that reason, it is very important to have a live wallpaper that is both attractive and useful. If you can’t find such an application, you will have to build it yourself.
This is where Custom Live Wallpaper Creator comes into play. The program integrates a rich library of templates, which are used to generate professional-quality screens for your smartphone. Even more impressive, the user interface is really easy to master, as it only requires a few clicks.
In a matter of seconds, you will be able to switch between the various possible scenarios and then build your own. The presented examples are really simple, but the application has the means to display a lot more advanced images and create them using other various methods.
Custom Live Wallpaper Creator Features:

Everything is made possible without writing a single line of code. Thus, the process of designing the application is really easy.

The main interface allows for a basic customization, which can be done without the need to write any code.

Images, text, and matrix images can be used as the basis of the wallpaper.

There are multiple activities that are designed to generate various content for

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Custom Live Wallpaper Creator Activation Code for Android

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator for Android Free

If you’re tired of the same old Live Wallpaper apps, then you’re in the right place. Custom Live Wallpaper Creator allows you to create your own custom Live Wallpaper by adding your own picture, music or other animation effect to any part of the wallpaper. Have fun and make your own live wallpaper with Custom Live Wallpaper Creator! Features:- Create multiple’scenarios’ to apply to your custom live wallpaper- Add any picture, music or animation to a spot of the wallpaper- Set the sensitivity and duration of the animations and flicks that are applied to the live wallpaper- Automatically optimizes your live wallpaper for any type of device- Set the live wallpaper to start when you unlock your screen or any time at a set interval- Set a delay when the wallpaper should lock to the screen before it will stop- Includes full source code and instructions (Android)

Live Wallpaper Creator provides a huge selection of high-quality live wallpapers to be previewed. New live wallpapers will be available automatically to the users who download this App; just download them and enjoy. The best wallpaper will be remembered as the users have the ability to save a particular wallpaper they like. This app has a great deal of potential in the creation of popular and unique Live Wallpapers.

Live Wallpaper Creator is the perfect companion to Free Android Live Wallpapers! With Live Wallpaper Creator you can create your own Live Wallpaper on Android and your device will always remember your own Wallpaper – Have fun! Let’s make amazing Live Wallpapers! The best in the world are created with the help of this application – You are in the right place! By downloading the app you can see your personal live wallpaper in one second, you will never have to remember the name and address of your wallpaper again! Experience the simple one-touch feature of Live Wallpaper Creator! By using our Live Wallpaper Creator, you can not only create your own live wallpaper, but also enrich your friends’ wallpaper. With the help of Live Wallpaper Creator you can put all of the beautiful live wallpapers in one download! Create your own Live Wallpapers! Create stunning and breathtaking live wallpapers which are unique and adorable! If you want to become a live wallpaper designer, this is your chance to shine!

With Live Wallpaper Creator, you have the perfect opportunity to create your own live wallpaper from the millions of our high-quality

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator With Keygen Free Download

Simple to operate, Custom Live Wallpaper Creator has been developed to make the design of animated wallpapers as easy as possible.
Live wallpaper allows you to create a screen on the wallpapers of your smartphone that can be displayed throughout the day and which will take into account the movement of your device.
The application can be used to create a slideshow of various screen for your phone in your choice of a wide range of animations (icons, drawings, photographs, slideshows, etc.)
The choice of customizable animation templates is limitless, your imagination is the only limit!
All the programs are well organized on the screen to give you a true idea of how the live wallpaper will look.
There are many kinds of wallpapers and animations that can be used. In addition, the app is easy to use and the choice of the animation can be changed at any time. The window is even customizable so you can adapt your live wallpaper to your smartphone.
Create your own screen with this fast, simple and creative tool!
What’s New
Version v3.3.1
– Bug fixes
Version v3.3.0
– New shiny interface
– New and improved wallpaper and animated decoration modes (matrix, rotate and shake screen)
– New settings in the options menu
Version v3.2.2
– Improvements
Version v3.2.1
– Bug fixes
Version v3.2.0
– New and improved template gallery with many new designs
Version v3.1.1
– Bug fixes
Version v3.1.0
– New and improved easy user interface
– New settings
Version v3.0.0
– New features for the following screens: slide, rotating, shake screen, matrix screen
– New features for the following components: image, text, rca
– Support for 5.0 and 6.0
– Improvements
Version v2.1.0
– New shape of the wallpaper
– New design for the settings
Version v2.0.0
– New animated screens
– New themes (design, font, colors)
– New animations (expanded, rotate, shake)
– New animation types (double, many shapes, scatter…)
– New character customization
– New visual elements (graphic, typography)
– New design settings
– New interactive features
– New upgrade path from the previous version
Version v1.0.1
– Bug fixes

What’s New In Custom Live Wallpaper Creator?

With Custom Live Wallpaper Creator, you can build a live wallpaper very quickly and easily. You can pick a different template, choose among the images that you have previously designed and build a unique wallpaper. The beauty of this software is the great variety of background options available: from simple icons and text, to colorful photos, shuffled images, complex matrix, interactivity and all the animations. The wallpapers are saved as APK files, you can download them and install them on your device.


Simple to use

Great array of templates, including many complex features

Rich variety of options for each template

Gallery, slideshow and matrix formats

Comes with an app for installation

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator Publisher’s Description:
The program allows you to create various live wallpapers on the smartphone and install them at any time. You do not need to know any special skills to build the wallpapers, as you can choose between several templates. The applications always comes with an app, which you can download and install. It allows you to install the wallpaper on your device, so you will be able to test its functionality and see how it will look on the smartphone.


Simple interface

Largest variety of templates

Create a variety of live wallpapers, such as interactivity, icons and animations

Paid Application

Ad Free



Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 3.7.1 Beta APK v3.7.1 Build APK+Themes+WallpapersDISCLAIMER: Cheats and hacks are not legal or recommended! If you intend to use this program in any way, software piracy, or any other questionable activity, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences.

This application is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by the Samsung S-Chooser application. This is not an official Developer app.

Samsung Apps for Samsung smartphones is a service launched by Samsung Electronics. It provides application downloads from the various Samsung software stores. Custom Live Wallpaper Creator 3.7.1 Beta APK v3.7.1 Build APK+Themes+Wallpapers does not have any affiliation with, endorsement, sponsorship, or approval from Samsung Electronics or the Samsung Group. All apps/games on are developed by third party developers and utilise Samsung Mobile Application Services provided by a third party mobile operator or service provider. For

System Requirements:

Game Version: 1.4.2
Patch: 1.5
OS: Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8 (Windows 8.1)
Windows 10
Mac OS X v10.6 (10.7)
Mac OS X v10.8 (10.9)
Mac OS X v10.10 (10.11)
CPU: Intel Core Duo 1.8 GHz
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