Deep Gingival Curettage

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It is a surgical procedure designed to remove the soft tissue lining of the periodontal pocket.

-Gingival curettage involves removing the tartar & the bacterial plaque from the gingival pockets.
-Gingival curettage is only carried out under anesthesia
-A special instrument is used to scrape the gingival wall, eliminating the soft tissue from the periodontal pocket while also cleaning any exposed portion of the tooth’s root.


This procedure improves the stability of the teeth , the health of the gums. Prevents from further damage of tooth and its surrounding structures.

FAQ’s :

1.How painful is a curettage procedure?

A.It is carried out under anesthesia, so pain doesn’t occur during the procedure, but once the effect of anesthesia gets over then pain may occur. In that case pain killer has to be taken.

2. How long does it take to heal?

A: one-two weeks, depending upon the severity.

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