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Sound editing and working with audio signals in general will make anyone acquainted with several types of output that can come out of a sound card. There are some cases in which it necessary to produce or utilize a specific kind of signal and generating it can be somewhat of a hassle unless an appropriate tool is not available.
To cater to such needs, Digital Signal Generator was developed and it presents itself as an application that can create sound samples of various sorts. A nice feature of this program is the fact that it will run right out of the box, without having to be installed onto the system. You can carry it on a portable device and run it from there, on any PC.
The interface of Digital Signal Generator is simple, easy to use but with a minor glitch that is visible only while the software is creating the selected type of signal. More precisely, when hovering over the buttons from the main window, the text will be illegible because of the continuously changing numbers on the lower left side of the GUI.
Using this application it is possible to generate several forms of signal, namely white noise, sine wave, sweep sine (linear and log), trigon wave, beat wave and also square wave. Adjusting the parameters for each of them can be done from the 'Settings' area, where you can define the sample frequency signal length and more.
In case you want to keep the generated signal and store it inside an audio file, you can easily do that through the 'Save' function. Digital Signal Generator supports a single sound format for the output, that of waveforms or WAV to be more specific.
All in all, it's safe to say that for any user who needs to create some noise samples fast and easy, Digital Signal Generator is a pretty good choice.







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Managing groups of tasks and saving them for later is one of the best ways to get a lot done quickly. That’s why the Easy Task List Tool was developed. It enables you to group your tasks in several groups and associate it with the specific category. The task list can be exported to an HTML file.
Easy Task List Tool Features:

The program includes a number of functions. Some of them are listed below:
* Create a new entry or edit an existing one
* Quickly view the status of your tasks
* Create groups of tasks
* Import and export data to and from XML files
* Support for splitting tasks into several categories
* Export the list of tasks to an HTML file
* Import any HTML file as a task list
* Add a comment to each task
* Quickly view the comment made to each task
* Associate tasks with the current categories
* Add/edit/delete tasks
* Link with a media file
* Add reminders for each task
Easy Task List Tool is a simple yet useful application that should be of particular interest to those who want to make use of a task management system.

5. Whistler

Software Category: Graphics Editors & Design

Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Whistler Description:

One of the most popular applications of their kind is the Whistler application which can be used to create some awesome looking 3D objects, models, and environments, that can be later applied to a video game or an animation project.
Whistler can be used by anyone, regardless of their experience level. As long as you know how to use a mouse and how to work with layers in Photoshop, you’ll be ready to make use of the software and start playing around with it. The software offers an extensive list of functions that will enable you to shape your projects in a few steps. The most common functions are listed here:
* Choose from hundreds of free 3D objects
* Add a scale to the objects
* Move the objects around in the scene
* Adjust the lighting on the objects
* Remove the 3D object from the scene
* Change the material and texture on the object
* Transform the object with a mirror
* Rotate the object
* Move the object up or down in the scene
* Scale the object in the 3D scene
* Add, move, and manipulate the camera
* Add a cloud
* Change the sky color and

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Generate sound signal samples with this application. This tool is for testing audio generation programs or for making experimental sound synthesis applications.
Key Features:
-Make noise with white, pink, brown, blue or green noise.
-Convert your sound signal to a square, trigon, sine, sweep, beat or linear Sine wave.
-Use the settings to control the noise or Sine wave type.
-Save your generated signal to WAV file (tested on WinXP).
-Convert standard sound signal to noise.
-Quick, easy to use application that requires no user interaction.
-You can record sound with this app.
-You can record sound with this app.
File Size:2938KB

Sonic Fake Audio EditorDescription: Sonic Fake Audio Editor is a completely free and totally safe way to add your own audio effects to any audio files that you have. Tons of audio effects are included in this application to give you more than enough possibilities to get your creative juices flowing.

Power Recorder 3.5.1

Power Recorder 3.5.1 Description:Power Recorder 3.5.1 is a tool that is capable of recording audio from any sound source (such as VCD’s, DVDs, Game, Computer or even TV channels) to WAV or AVI format. This includes any sound that you hear from the Internet, or through your computer, or even with any other programs that you are using while playing a sound source. These A/V recordings can be played back in any multimedia program at anytime, and also will include the date, time and video content information as to the original source. Power Recorder 3.5.1 is an easy to use sound recording software, but it also provides many new features. It can record audio files to WAV and AVI format, and includes several tools that can be used to improve your recordings. Power Recorder 3.5.1 also has a simple user interface that is organized in several different tabs, and all of the recording features can be used from there. The program’s main window includes a Recording tab, where you can select where to record, and you can also set the sound quality as you wish. You can set which type of audio that you wish to record as well, and you can even select the sampling rate and the bit rate, in case you wish to change these values. Power Recorder 3.5.1

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Digital Signal Generator (DIGiSTRA)-Software for creating various types of sound signals, for creating any type of noise signal, for creating signals that have a linear or a logarithmic sweep and which also support the generation of multiple signals at once

DigiStra: Easiest Multi-Tracker on Windows
DigiStra is a Multi-Tracker that makes it easy to create music from scratch or find a finished track. You can use anything you want from this program. You can start with drums that have been recorded, recorded guitar, or completely original songs written by you. There are many settings you can use to improve your music. You can even get professional quality sound from just about any sound file.
DigiStra simplifies the process of working with music by hiding much of the complexity and setting up a band, performer, instrument, etc. just takes a few clicks. Everything that’s needed to make music is right at your fingertips.
All you need is a microphone or instrument, a mixer, computer, and an internet connection. In all cases that you want to start making music, you can get things started by dragging and dropping tracks onto DigiStra. Be sure to be mindful of the play order if you record your sounds on two different machines. Once done, just click and enjoy. If you want to add more instruments or record into separate tracks, just drag and drop it to where you want it. If you hear something you want to change, you can adjust it right there. Even if you don’t change a thing, be sure to listen to the song in the ‘Listen to Song’ mode to hear how it sounds.
Just about everything you want to accomplish with your song or create with your instrument is available to you in DigiStra. You can record, edit, mix, add effects and more. You can even use it to record from a webcam, microphone or even from a built-in microphone. You can play music from a CD, MP3, or even an internet radio. You can even add music from YouTube, Tunein, Google Play, etc.
Everything you do in DigiStra is available to you. You can always come back to things later by saving your work. You can even save your songs as a single.WAV file that you can easily send to others. If you click the ‘View in external editor’ button, you can even edit it right there.
Download DigiStra Online:
DigiStra comes as a free

What’s New In Digital Signal Generator?

Digital Signal Generator is a program that allows you to generate different types of sound samples.

You can easily create different types of noise for instance by setting the desired length and sample frequency. This is possible in the ‘Settings’ tab of the program. Some of the settings are listed below:

Sample frequency

Samples per second

Number of samples


Where does the program store the generated files?

The generated files are stored inside your computer in a directory called ‘Digital Signal Generator’.

How to run the software?

1. Make sure you have loaded your OS and all software you need.
2. Download and install the program.
3. Run the application, and click on the ‘Settings’ button.
4. In the ‘Settings’ tab, you can set all parameters listed below.

Sample frequency:
You can select the desired frequency from 0 to 48000 Hz.

Samples per second:
From 0 to 16000 Hz (48000 Hz is not allowed).

Number of samples:
You can choose from 1 to 65536 samples (as big as you can have on the system memory).

The sample resolution is directly proportional to the duration of the sound that is generated. For instance, if you choose a frequency of 10kHz, the sample resolution will be 10 KHz, otherwise, if you choose a frequency of 48000 Hz, then the sample resolution will be 48 KHz.

Now that you have set all the parameters, let’s see how the software works. Click on the ‘Start’ button and the program will start generating sound.

When you choose to start the program you will see the following screen:

Let’s see some snapshots of the program and a list of the available parameters.

The list of available parameters:

The list of available sounds:

You will have the possibility to choose a sound and play it or keep it selected. To play a sound, click on the desired sound to open the properties dialog box.

The properties dialog box is displayed on the following screen. You can change the volume and the speed of the generated sound or change the sound to mono or stereo. You can also save the file inside your personal computer in the directory where you installed the program.

Here are the different types of sounds that you can generate:

The following section explains the different types of sound:

System Requirements For Digital Signal Generator:

The minimum recommended specifications are the following:
64-bit OS
Intel Core i5-6500 (3.2Ghz)
NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GTX or AMD HD 5770 (1GB VRAM)
DirectX 10
Windows 7 (64-bit)
If you’re not up to the task, feel free to join us in the discord, where we have moderators with gaming rigs and will help you get it running.
Also feel free to ask in the discord for tips or support!/?p=22984

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