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Adding effects

You can apply a large variety of effects to your images, some of which are available only in Photoshop. The items in the Effects panel include

• Adjustment layers

• Basic filters

• Special effects filters

• Adjustment brushes

• Actions

• Layers

• Layer styles

Figure 2-18 offers a detailed description of these types of items, as well as a list of the basic steps to create these tools.

Some effects and presets, such as the Standard preset, are created by the Adobe-sponsored education team at

## Directing Traffic: Using Photoshop’s Adjustment Layers

Any photo can be tweaked to adjust colors, contrast, and brightness. Adjustment layers, also referred to as _effect layers_ or _curves layers,_ are simply groups of Photoshop actions that you apply to specific areas of a photo. Adjustment layers are grouped together in an Adjustment layer and are used to make multiple adjustments to a photo. For example, one adjustment layer can change contrast and lightness (brightness) and a second adjustment layer can alter the contrast and darkness (shadows) of the same photo. That way, you have some flexibility in how you make adjustments. And, because you can layer adjustments, you have some flexibility in how you make those adjustments. For example, you may want to change contrast and brightness in one adjustment layer, and then fix the brightness of a lamp in another adjustment layer. The number of adjustment layers you can create in a photo determines your level of flexibility. You can create from one to 22 layers, depending on the program version, and the complexity of the image.

**Figure 2-18:** Use Photoshop’s presets for specific color and tone, and the Advanced Settings dialog box for more control.

In Figure 2-19, I applied several adjustment layers to a photo to make it look more like a painting. (I often use adjustment layers for this kind of photo.) The Artistic–1, V

Photoshop Cs2 Download Free Windows 7 (Latest)

Download latest version of Photoshop Elements 2018:

You can download Photoshop Elements 2018 for Windows from Adobe site.

Check out the pricing and features:

Features of Photoshop Elements 2018

Here are the all-new features of Photoshop Elements 2018.

Top features of Photoshop Elements 2018

1. Easier editing experience

All the features of the professional version are now available in Elements, so you can edit any kind of image at any level with ease.

2. New high-quality printing option

You can now print 8 inches x 10 inches and even 60 inches x 80 inches with Element’s high-quality photo printing option.

3. True HDR and face detection

True HDR and face detection automatically adjust the exposure to produce a natural-looking result even when your scene contains a combination of light and dark areas.

4. Improved painting and drawing

Painting and drawing has been improved and now you can use various tools to paint, draw, and trace on an image.

5. Photography printing

The built-in photo printing option, which prints 8 inches by 10 inches and even 60 inches by 80 inches, let you print photographs of up to 8 megapixels.

6. Enhanced web editing

Create a video collage, burn it to a disc, and enhance your photos with the new enhanced web editing feature.

7. Advanced cropping

Elements includes a new advanced cropping tool that lets you crop your image with precision and accuracy in just a few clicks.

8. Enhanced ability to share files

You can now move, copy, and rename files without permission in a single click.

9. New navigation system

The new navigation panel is easy to learn and lets you quickly access your favorite features.

10. Simpler export options

Elements has a simpler and more intuitive user interface that makes it faster to export your projects.

11. Improved printing options

You can now print from Elements on a wide variety of printers and mobile devices.

12. Many more features

In addition to the new features above, the latest release of Photoshop Elements offers many other useful features.

13. Quick fix tool

You can use the new Quick Fix tool to retouch your images quickly and easily.

14. Easy-to-use built-in filters

The built-in filter options are easy

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Ember Data – How to link models with firebase data and allow the reverse lookup

I’m creating a task manager app that uses Ember Data as a data store.
I’m storing the task info in firebase and my Ember data models looks like this:
tasks: DS.hasMany(‘task’)
task: DS.belongsTo(‘task’)

this works as expected and I can easily get all the tasks for example:
taskWithId: function(task_id) {
var model =‘task’, task_id);
return model;

How do I make it so I can go the other way and add tasks to the object?
I’m pretty new to Ember and Firebase so I’m not even sure if what I’m trying to accomplish is possible.
taskWithId: function(task_id) {
var task = firebase.ref(‘tasks’).child(task_id);
// how to map to model using firebase?
return task;


Assuming your tasks node in firebase is called tasks, you can do this with firebase’s data snapshot like this:
taskWithId: function(task_id) {
var task = firebase.ref(‘tasks’).child(task_id);
return task.snapshot();

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CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Reputable artists can produce a wide variety of art prints using inkjet printing, meaning that the art will last years when properly cared for. To properly care for your print, follow these instructions:

1) Application – Apply a small amount of matte-finish spray or sealant in a well-ventilated area that is free of sunlight.

2) Cleaning – Check our instructions on washing prints or use a soft white cloth to wipe the surface of the print with a mild, soapy solution.

3) Curing – If you wish to keep your print slightly damp, use a suitable sized air-dried glass container. Leave the print to dry naturally.

4) Storing – Some artists, such as myself, prefer to store prints in the dark in order to maintain their color. You can also store prints in a non-humid climate such as a basement, where they may go for years.

5) Display – While paintings should be hung with picture hooks or nails, prints should be displayed on a vertical surface, such as a wall.

6) Archival Stability & Framing – Ask your framer or art dealer for an archival certificate to ensure your framed prints are guaranteed to last over time.

8) Tracing – If you plan on printing another image onto a different piece of paper than what you first cut from the original, before tracing the image onto the new piece of paper, lay the original print face down on a piece of white paper. Trace over the upper (lightest) portion of the print and then make another copy of it onto the new piece of paper.

9) Author’s Note – I take a lot of my inspiration from other artists and so I ask that you be kind enough to show some respect to the original artist by not copying the paper cut, the stains, or even the materials used by the artist. It’s a lot of work for me to create an image and for you to copy it, so please be respectful to me by not copying the materials used to create the original.



System Requirements:

* 2 GB of available RAM
* 500 MB of available hard-disk space
* 2 GB of available VRAM
* DirectX 9.0c
* Intel Core2 Duo E6750, 2.66 GHz (2.13 GHz stock)
* NVIDIA Geforce GT610 (1024 MB VRAM), or ATI Radeon HD 4850 (256 MB VRAM)
* 1 GB of video RAM
* 2 GB of available hard-disk space
* 1 GB of available VRAM
* DirectX 9.

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