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Icom CS-V8000 Cloning Software Download

Easy ICV8000 radio programming with “Save” and “Load” buttons..
Icom ICV8000 programming software. Include Turbo-S, S21, UTX, X1, D9-D5, Any2-Any, .

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How to use InAppSettingsBundle with Swift 3.0 and iOS 10

I am creating an iOS 9.3 app that uses InAppSettingsBundle, but the framework will not recognize it in my project. Is there a workaround?


I’ve just started converting my old code to Swift 3 & iOS 10. It was much smoother than I thought it would be. The only real problem I had was trying to get it to play nice with Storyboards. I’m still able to take advantage of the IAServiceRegistry, although the Product and Version numbers in the plist aren’t any longer.
My main issue was trying to take advantage of the IAServiceRegistry. I was trying to use it as follows:
func getPreferences(_ completion: (Bool) -> Void) {
let prefs = IAServiceRegistry.default.loadServiceNamed(“”, withBundleID: “”) as! IAService
let operation = prefs.load(withKey: “pref1”, completion: { (preferences: NSUserDefaults, error) in
if let error = error {
icom clone software download
IC-V8000 and other Icom radios not detected/recognized on new on new PC
Referred issue to Icom Electronics Australia
Build 2730A (Canada) IBM PC Compatible Radio (different model number from US)
New Version of Icom CS-V8000 program (cloning software) VARIES # of radio’s supported
Get Version (6/4/2013)

IC-2730A UNVEILS IC-2730A 9/22/2011

The much anticipated IC-2730A is on its way into the automotive market. According to a recent report from this website, the IC-2730A is the result of a new manufacturing strategy that introduces some new improvements to the current range of Aftermarket radios that were developed for the original Icom 6900 series.
This website can be best described as a hand-held encyclopedia, complete with a vast array of information on all aspects of radio communications.
So what is new about this new car radio? The IC-2730A has improved features from its previous brother the IC-2630. The

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