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EasyScreenshot.NET is a Windows application you can use to capture the screen and automatically save the images to file. It can save pictures in various file types, as well as upload pictures via SFTP, SCP or FTP.
Screenshot tool runs in the systray
After installation, the tool runs in the systray, so you can carry on with your typical desktop activity without any interruptions. If you double-click the tray icon, your mouse cursor turns into crosshair so you can click and drag a custom region to autosave to file while keeping an eye on the image's width and height.
Right-click the tray icon if you want to capture the full screen (or press Shift + Win + PrintScreen), grab the last active application or window, or take a snapshot of the window client area.
Set a delay, choose the file type, and upload images to websites
In addition to grabbing images right away, you can set up a timer. Also, you can use a color picker to find out the RGB code of any color from the desktop and auto-copy it to the clipboard, as well as select the preferred file format when saving the photos (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF).
From the settings menu, it's possible to exclude any items from the right-click menu, configure the hotkeys for each capture mode, change the notification display time, as well as set the file naming pattern using numbers, timestamps and other properties.
When it comes to SFTP, SCP and FTP, you can set the server and port to connect to, along with the username, password, passkey and remote path. The connection can be tested to make sure all settings are correct. Plus, before saving or uploading the captured pictures, you can edit them with your default image editor.
Simple and practical tool for taking snapshots
To wrap it up, EasyScreenshot.NET comes loaded with practical features to help you grab images from the desktop, save them to files with various formats, as well as upload them to your personal websites.


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Download · DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






EasyScreenshot.NET Crack + Free [Latest]

EasyScreenshot.NET Cracked Accounts is a Windows application that allows you to take screenshots.
This is a freeware

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This game is designed to be able to be played at any time you have a few minutes, but it is still fun to do and even more fun with friends if you choose to compete with them to see who can get a higher score.
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This Easter egg coloring game is freeware, which means you do not need to pay to download and install it.
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Purchasing the game:
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EasyScreenshot.NET Free License Key Free Download [Updated]

3 types of screenshot capture:
– Full Screen screenshot
– Screenshot from last-active application or window
– Screenshot of desktop client area
Time delay: you can set the capture delay from 2 ms to 10 seconds
Hotkeys: you can choose which keys will trigger the screenshot capture.
Colour picker: you can pick the colour you see from the screen and get the RGB value in the format that you want
Exclude items from the right-click menu
Exclude items from the file menu
Interactive color picker
Find out what color is the last item in the grid and get its RGB value
Allows you to define the filename
Naming pattern for the image files
Allows you to extract any text from the image file and save it as the new file
Internet upload: you can add an image from the clipboard and save it to FTP, SFTP or SCP
You can upload images to online sites like Imgur
You can set the FTP server and the port to connect to, username, password, passkey and remote path
You can test the connection
You can upload the image and edit it with your default image editor
You can exclude any area from the image capture
Internet upload: you can edit the image with your default photo editor
Upload the files to websites like Imgur
Click on the other settings and choose what will appear in the right-click menu
File type selection
Settings Settings: you can set the notification display time

Browser Enhanced takes a screenshot that is the background of the web page and places it in a folder on the user’s desktop. It supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
The program can capture full-page or partial-page screenshots (scrolling, if enabled) of online pages. Its basic functions and most of its tools are based on the free Web Screenshot Software.
Browser Enhanced Description:
Browser Enhanced is a simple, powerful browser capture tool that allows you to take a full-page, partial-page or even desktop-sized screenshot of any web page or web app and easily send it to your friends and upload it to various image hosting websites.
Browser Enhanced Version Windows 2000 or later, 2 GB of free hard disk spaceDownload Browser Enhanced Browser Enhanced last version

AES Picture Pannel is a Windows application that you can use to capture the screen


…can easily be used in Windows 7 and its various editions, as well as XP, Vista and Windows 98.
*Automatically captures the current screen.
*Saves pictures in various file formats.
*Uploads images to websites.
*Take a photo with the mouse, choose from a menu, grab a window, or click the systray icon with the crosshair cursor.
*You can set the image name based on the image’s contents.
*The application runs in the systray, so you can work while your desktop is being captured.
*The application does not have any annoying ads or files to download.
*The software is simple and easy to use.
*The tool is intuitive and it can be operated from one of the keyboard shortcuts.
*Windows hotkeys can be used to quickly capture the screen.
*The menu items are customisable.
*You can start the application and stay on the desktop while it captures the screen.
*The program is simple to use and it doesn’t have any ads to download.
*The service allows you to easily connect via SSH and SFTP/SCP.
*The program can be operated with the mouse, keyboard or customized hotkeys.
*The application is meant to be easy-to-use, yet has a number of useful features.
*The utility can also be used to quickly grab any of the active processes on your system.
*Quick and easy to use.
*Both the basic and advanced modes can be used for the.PNG file format.
*You can save images in various file formats.
*You can set the photo quality, image quality and image format.
*It’s easy to configure and you can use it with every device (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and others) that uses the Web standard HTML5.
*You can upload pictures to your own sites, as well as upload the images to other websites.
*You can specify the server, port, username, password, remote path, test connection and delay time.
*You can use the built-in editor or select any other image editor you like.
*You can add comments and tags to the images.
*You can edit images with simple filters and effects.
*You can change the image quality, image size, the number of applied effects and other settings.
*You can

What’s New In?

– Save screenshots to files (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF)
– Capture full screen
– Auto capture only images of your last active application or window
– Add a timer delay
– Set a default file name pattern
– Set application-specific hotkeys for capturing the active window
– Upload pictures to your FTP or SFTP/SCP servers
– Send email to yourself or a specified email address
– Gif to BMP, and BMP to Gif conversions
– Color picker
– Fast and easy to use
– Displays all your device specifications

EasyScreenshot.NET Pro Description:
– 30 different images to choose from
– Support up to 3 cameras
– Automatically exclude items in the right-click menu
– Adjustable delay between screenshots
– Scalable interface
– Slideshow support
– Upload screenshots to your FTP, SFTP, SCP servers or web sites
– Email images to yourself or to a specified email address
– Copy the current image to the clipboard
– Support for Mac
– Easily crop the image
– Preset images
– Set up different file naming options for the different camera modes
– Save images of all active windows
– Crop mode to assist in cropping images
– Copy previous images to the clipboard for editing
– Up to 50 time formats are available
– Supports both Full Screen and Normal Mode
– Non-destructive mode
– Multiple screenshots to combine into one image
– Save multiple images to different file types
– Email images by pasting them into an email message
– Resize and flip images
– Screenshot images to BMP, GIF and JPEG formats
– Print icons in the tool window
– Export images to GIF, PNG, BMP and JPG formats
– Metadata editor to edit image properties
– Supports both local and remote servers (FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDav)
– Capture only the window’s client area
– To take screenshots at any time you want
– Create a time lapse series to save screenshots at every interval
– Delete or move files
– Support both full screen and normal capture modes
– Many different camera modes
– You can copy the last active image to the clipboard
– Crop images with ease
– Support for Mac OSX
– Built-in preset images
– Display device’s specifications
– Crop mode
– To capture screenshots of all active windows
– Switch between full screen

System Requirements For EasyScreenshot.NET:

Multi-core CPU
Microsoft DirectX 10 or later
1366×768 screen resolution
2GB available hard drive space
Internet connection required
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