Forza Horizon Savegame 26


Forza Horizon Savegame 26

there are some missteps with forza horizon 4, but playground games has done a fantastic job of delivering the pc version with the tools necessary to allow it to surpass the initial success of the xbox one and xbox 360 title. forza horizon 4 will be available for pre-order on may 1st 2017.

a revealing new trailer for forza horizon 5 was released back in february, and since then we’ve been developing this trailer’s interactivity. the trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse of playground games’ work in unlocking even more content for forza horizon 5. the new fh5 exclusives car pack and fh5 car collections are just a couple of the things we’ve been working on. that being said, there will be a chance to play these fun new content types before they come out this year – and there’s no better time to dive in. if you haven’t yet seen the tutorial , i recommend you take a few minutes to watch it. if you’re new to the hobby of racing, what better way to start out than with forza horizon 5?

you’ve likely heard about the fh5 festival playlist, and you might be wondering, “when does forza horizon 5 content come out?” we’ve got a special announcement we’re excited to share with you today. for the first time ever, players can expect a new game update to be released almost every month between june 2020 and march 2023. this means that a new playlist is likely to be released roughly every three months.

we’ll also have new series content for you to enjoy by the time the spring arrives. in addition to the updates to the festival playlist, there’s an exciting new series coming in late summer that focuses on germany. this marks our return to german automotive excellence after many years away.


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