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Bleeding heart (Australian English) or (also) bleeding heart (Commonwealth English), ˌbleɪd ɪŋhɪt, plural ˌbleɪd ɪŋəls (Australian English) or ˌbleɪd ɪŋəls (Commonwealth English), are bleeding heart (literally “injured heart”) in reference to a human heart with a wound or damaged interior.
Bleeding hearts may be black, red, yellow or purple. They are cultivated as ornamental plants in botanical gardens, large collections of flowering plants, in well-drained pots and even in homes as houseplants.
Black bleeding heart (Thunbergia grandiflora) are commonly available. They have small, richly colored heart-shaped flowers, a silver or bronze-gray colored oval leaf, and a smooth trunk.
Red bleeding hearts (Thunbergia alata) are commonly available and quite similar to the black, but they are larger, taller, and more robust, with a much longer trunk which is usually grafted to a scented stock.
Yellow bleeding hearts (Thunbergia alata) are commonly available. They are much larger and have a more vivid yellow coloration; the leaves are medium-sized and smooth, almost egg shaped, and the trunk is scented.
Purple bleeding hearts (Thunbergia alata) are becoming increasingly available and are the most popular and well-known form. They are large, lemon-yellow or reddish-colored, with a maroon-purple trunk and square or oval, almost flat leaves.
The common name refers to the appearance of the trunks, which are often covered in clear pink sap when the plant is wounded or in bloom.

Bleeding heart (also known as bleeding heart or bleeding heart) is the name given to any plant of the genus Thunbergia or hybrids derived from it. The common name “bleeding heart” also suggests that the plant’s use is limited to the bleeding of the heart, from where the aphorism derives.

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Section 5: Governing bodies:

Subsection (a): Add a requirement that at least one person shall be on a governing body of the governing body.

Subsection (b): Add a requirement that at least one person shall be on a governing body of the governing body.

Section 6: Powers and duties of agencies:

Subsection (a): Add a requirement that when a board is composed of members who are appointed by the state executive. Add a requirement that at least one person shall be on the board of a state agency.

Subsection (b): Add a requirement that there be a board composed of members who are appointed by the state executive. Add a requirement that there be a state agency with a board of directors composed of at least one person.

Subsection (

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The late state form of DSAI was produced by All Japan in 1979 and is still considered to be one of their best-selling designs.  It has four main variants: 20L, 22L, 20M and 22M, which differ from one another in key areas.
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A 20L DSAI is the car model that launched the Seicento and has since become a favourite of collectors. It does not conform to Seicento body dimensions, but this helps to
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Up until 2013, it was the smallest Australian-made car still sold in the U.S. Japan produced a version of the Rangoon in the 1970s and 1980s.

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It is the boldest, most open Volkswagen Beetle in its class. The Beetle Cup is a diverse, open-air, active car thats.

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