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The server needs to be able to handle the traffic in average when all clients are connected. The more clients you host, the more traffic the server needs to be able to handle. Hopefully all of your clients are also clients.
How Many Clients Can Be Hosted At Once?
The server can handle a lot of clients. The limit of how many clients can be hosted at once is host specific and is likely network related. It is usually best to just keep the number of connected clients around the number of servers your network has. If you have 2 servers and 20 clients connected, the server should be able to handle that load. This is the limit of your server.
You do not need to have any servers if you only have 1 client. In fact if you only have 1 client connected the server can handle up to 1,000,000 connections.
Make Sure to Make Your Client Virtual
A virtual machine is essentially a software-based simulation of an underlying computer system. It can be thought of as an “Internet proxy” that serves as a shell for the underlying host machine.
On Windows the simplest way to create a virtual machine is to download and install VirtualBox. You can find a list of instructions here:
Once installed just download and install your version of GTA from the links above.
Once that is done, go to “File” then “New” then VirtualBox VM. Create a new virtual machine and select the OS that you want to host the GTA server on.
Then create a new virtual CD/DVD drive and place the GTA virtual image that you just downloaded in it.

Finally, click on “Start” and wait. Once you see the Welcome to Ubuntu page, the system should start up. Before you do anything else, type “ls” into a terminal to find out what directories are there. You should see that /home/ubuntu/.local/share/Trash/files is available.
You can now remove /home/ubuntu/.local/share/Trash/files/ GTA V Repack (x64).
When you open the game, you can now just click on the file and it should start the game.

Close all open programs and documents on your computer. Then start the

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