Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation 1814 ‘LINK’ Full Album Zip

Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation 1814 ‘LINK’ Full Album Zip

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Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation 1814 Full Album Zip

the album was also more commercial than the debut, producing two top ten hits in the disco-fied a step out of line (its the only album i can think of where a song about a prostitute actually became a hit) and making love (which is about, well, making love). while its not the best janet album (its not even her best-selling one), its definitely a very solid album and a very fine piece of music-making, with no doubt the best janet album since her career-defining control. its not quite as good as control, but it certainly ranks right up there with the best of her career. its also probably the best of the albums ive highlighted in this list, unless one of the other contenders for that title (say, its follow-up control) is released some day.

trombone shortys album, lifted, is set for release april 29 on blue note records. the album was recorded in new orleans and features the best lineup of musicians shorty has ever had in one place: james gadson, chris bruce, steven croes, corey glover, and robert mercurio.

the jacksons were inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame in 1998. jackson is the youngest inductee, at age 27. she received the grammy for best contemporary r&b vocal performance, duo or group, for the song when i think of you from the album dreamlover.

the jackson 5 reunion tour began in 1995, and were nominated for a grammy for best performance by a group for their song i want you back in 1996. in 1998, they were inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame.

jackson’s all for you was released in 2014. in 2016, jackson became the youngest artist in history to earn six itunes album of the year honors. in addition, all for you won a grammy award for album of the year.

the album also marks a return to r&b, at least in the sense that jackson sings in her native r&b key, never attempting to sing in the falsetto pop mode that had become her trademark. the disc gets a boost from the songwriting talents of the corporation, who wrote the bouncy hit-maker respect. the lyrics are good, if a bit lightweight, but the production is what really makes it an r&b classic. the horns are perfectly placed on the more uptempo cuts and more often, the verses, which i think are much stronger than the choruses. the latter are often very pretentious and sometimes even alienating. the album also contains one of my all-time favorite songs, the emotional ballad right now, which is for all intents and purposes a one-woman musical, with just jackson singing, reading and playing her own words. the lyrics and the performance are impeccable.
the album also has some of the most unusual arrangements of the album, giving it a more rock-oriented feel. even the funky nasty actually sounds kind of like a heavy-metal rock song, with its bassline, rather than like a funk-fusion production as most of the album is. its a much more moody album than its predecessor, but in some ways, a lot more like what would happen on janet s subsequent albums.
the album also is a bit more polished, with a lot of overdubs. some of these overdubs are undoubtedly unnecessary, but i still do find it much more polished and cohesive than the loose and bumbling initial effort. the ambitiousness of the album is a bit diluted, but is still there and more than makes up for the rather lackadaisical effort of the first album.


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