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Keedom Smart Sync Crack + With Key Free PC/Windows [Latest] 2022


Great software. But it doesn’t work on a Samsung 5.0 (s5442-02sv). It’s not clear if that’s the phone’s version or the install. But you can try to install the last available 6.6 (s6385-01sv), which uses a different port. You also need to uninstall the previous Keedom, and then install this. Works great on my s5.

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What’s new in this version:

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Keedom Smart Sync Crack Torrent

•Send and receive text messages
•Set ringtones and wallpaper
•Photos, video and multimedia management
•Access your calendar
•Send and manage files
•Bookmarks and notes
•Create a custom dialer
•Program your own ringtone
•Backup and restore contacts
•Backup your phone contacts
•Synchronize the calendar with desktop
•Phone synchronization
•Link your cell phone with your computer and other devices
•Change phone ringtone and wallpaper
•Edit your contacts
•Synchronize media files and music with your Outlook
•Transfer files directly from your phone to your PC or laptop with the help of the application

1. Receive and respond to messages
You can receive and reply to messages directly in the online contact manager. Keedom automatically detects conversations and you can also manually add and delete them.
You can create your own privacy filters which automatically hide the text messages that have been written to you or which you have replied to.
If you want, you can be reminded that you have new messages and texts when you connect the smartphone with your computer.
2. Set custom ringtones
You can choose from a list of ready ringtones or add your own music files to the ringtone list.
3. Manage phone book and contacts
You can edit your contact information and sync it to your desktop.
4. Bookmark your favorite websites
The app allows you to edit bookmarks and notes you have saved. You can also synchronize them between your phone and your desktop.
5. Photos, video and music management
You can access the phone folder, make videos, save files and upload them to Facebook and other networks.
6. Manage multimedia content
You can directly choose and play files in your phone via the Keedom application.

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SurfCast is an app that lets you share the screen of your Android phone to the computer.

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Program is an app that will let you share the screen of your iPhone to the computer.

In case you want to save the email you are currently reading or else just enjoy the convenience of having a huge amount of time on your iPhone, there

Keedom Smart Sync Free X64

Save images, contacts and messages to the SD card.

Themes allow you to customize the look of the application.

Set your voice as the ringtone.

Choose the data synchronization method – Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP.

Use the Remote Control feature to control your phone from the PC.

Sync Outlook with Google.

Quickly find missing contacts or images on your phone.


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What’s New In Keedom Smart Sync?

Keedom K-9

Keedom K-9 is designed for the dog lovers who want to be in touch with their pets. The application allows you to view and record the animal’s behavior, and share these recordings with other users.
You can use the K-9 to record audio, video, images and data, and submit these to the online database. If the dog shows a stress reaction, he will not hesitate to use some voice commands to change your emotions.
Users can also share their K-9 data with other users via email or other channels. The application is available for both Windows and iOS platforms.
Keedom K-9 Features:

Keedom Messenger

Keedom Messenger is a messenger program that is designed for the social networking crowd. With the integration of Facebook and Google Talk, you can connect with your friends and family on a global scale.
You can also get notifications from your friends, and they will be alerted of any incoming new messages.
Other notable features include the ability to share pictures with your friends, send audio messages to your contacts, and manage contact groups.
Keedom Messenger Description:

Tree Pal

Tree Pal is a program for the smartphone phone users. The application has been designed to simplify your daily task management by helping you organize your contacts, calendar events, mails, and other files.
You can use the Tree Pal to view your inbox, view recent calls and emails, and even read the latest news.
Other useful features include bookmarks, a calendar, and mobile phone history, among others.


Shazam is a music identification application that allows the users to detect any song playing in their vicinity.
The Shazam app has been designed with the user interface to be easy to use and allows you to make music recognition easier than ever.

Keedom Access

Keedom Access is designed to simplify the process of online access. This program allows you to change the authentication method to a certain desktop service or a virtual one, and then enter in the credentials.
Keedom Access can be used to unlock your PC, install programs, backup data, or just view the event log for troubleshooting purposes.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is a computer security application that protects mobile users from malware, viruses, and adware. The program can also defend your device from the abuse of auto-call

System Requirements For Keedom Smart Sync:

– Subscription or User License required to play online
– Release date for Online Play: May 31, 2018
– System Requirements for Offline Play: For iOS, Android and Windows devices only. For Web access, a web browser is required.
– Cloud Saves and Save Data: Currently saves can only be made offline, however Cloud Saves and Save Data are not currently supported. A report will be made available when this feature is available.
– Save Data:
– User Guide: This item is not required for Single-Player mode and will

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