Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.9 Serial Number

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.9 Serial Number


Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.9 Serial Number

it would have been nice if the program could remember camera settings from the last file it processed. and it would have been even nicer if it could play back the images in sequence like the camera does when you press x2. that way you could fast forward or reverse the order of playback to move through the images faster. it could have imported photos out of card format for faster file playback. the panasonic lumix g3 does this, as does the leica x2. for faster browsing and playback, it would have been nice to have a 5-way controller like the g3.

i can’t get both live focus and zooming to work at the same time with this program or any other camera control program i have tried. i can get one or the other, but not both. this program does not understand that af must be in live mode to focus on a subject, but does play the zoomed images in live mode for live focus.

if you push button on the smart device, most of the time it comes back again fast. the camera always comes back again too, like your missing the connection and have to press button again. it happens too often.

all raw files are completely uncompressed with no noise, no compression, no upscale, no downsample and no anti-aliasing. if i convert them to 16 bit the result is so soft you can’t tell it wasn’t uncompressed. uncompressed 16-bit files look better than a jpeg file converted to 16-bit. stretched to screen, they are as good as the highest quality (raw) jpeg file.

browsing images from card to card, sometimes it doesn’t like ones you have imported. the camera will display a “card not detected” message and continue to show that screen even after you unplug the memory card. the camera will also say “no card inserted” and continue to show that screen even if you plug the card into the camera again.

this manual is the property of nikon corporation and may be freely copied only for personal use. you are not permitted to photocopy, alter, or distribute or post this manual or any part thereof without prior written consent of nikon corporation.
this is a digital copy of the manual. on this digital copy there is no mpeg protected watermark and the pdf is drm (digital rights management) free. if the manual was a low quality reproduction printed out on paper and it has a printed copyright notice on it this is not a copy of the original copyrighted manual.
the manual is a work made for the sole purpose of explaining the features of nikon products and it is not intended to be a publication authorized by nikon corporation. although the manual is provided in english, it is not possible to provide online translations in other languages. any person or company who violates these terms will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. if you are not in agreement with these terms please do not use the manual.
the upload button will only download the manual to the download folder that you choose. if you are downloading to the root folder it will overwrite everything inside the download folder. this is not a bad thing. you can always delete the contents of the folder.
you can view and browse metadata of images, but you can’t add metadata to an image. you can’t use other third party metadata clients. you can’t see image exif metadata values like exposure time, f number, etc., or tripod orientation. you cannot edit exif data, only browse it. you can’t make your images watermark free (for now). you can use only jpeg format.

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