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NoVirusThanks File System Protector Crack + Download


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NoVirusThanks File System Protector With Registration Code [Mac/Win]

Install Scheduler
The Install Scheduler folder allows you to create and customize the drive or a partition that will be used as a file archive. The data is compressed into a password protected archive file. As a result, the protection is extremely strong.
This can be used for personal purposes, such as individual file and archive storage, backup data, and creates a convenient place to hold music and photos. What is more, it can be used as the read-only drive with solid partitions to protect your computer from viruses and worms.
If you are using a work network with Windows XP or Vista, you can deploy the files on the network for you.
Just specify the disk or the partition you want to turn into an archive drive. All files and directories are archived into a password protected archive named SYNCHRO.COM, which you can use later if you need to restore your files or clean your computer.
Install Scheduler allows you to protect your system with WinZip, or scan an archive when the drive is connected to a computer that is running Windows, or just use the bootable CD/DVD to clean the SYNCHRO.COM.
Unique features
Our newest version’s Install Scheduler provides a wide range of options and unique functions that can protect your system against viruses and data loss.

* Create the drive or the partition you want to turn into an archive drive.
* Specify the location of the SYNCHRO.COM archive file, whose name will be replaced with the password.
* Specify which programs can access the SYNCHRO.COM archive file.
* Add the location of the SYNCHRO.COM archive file to the Startup folder.
* Perform silent installations.
* Save your work to a file.
* Zip the archive with a password and store it on the SYNCHRO.COM archive file.
* With full command line support, you can run your command line programs from within the sychronizer.
* The SYNCHRO.COM archive file can be added to the Startup folder.
* Boot from a SYNCHRO.COM archive.

Download Install Scheduler

Our newest version’s AutoSynchronizer allows you to be free of the tedious work of downloading and uploading files manually.
Now you don’t need to worry about whether you have downloaded or uploaded a file. It will automatically get downloaded or uploaded to the SYNCHRO.COM archive on

NoVirusThanks File System Protector Crack+ Download

NoVirusThanks File System Protector has a number of handy features to let you protect your computer from malware.

Backed up Automatic

Sharing drive or folder protection with local admin rights

File Log

Event Monitor

Scan Quota Monitor

User Account

System Protection

Free system scan

The NoVirusThanks File System Protector comes with the complete set of options that let you customize the functionality and features of the application.

Automatically backup and clear virus scan log
This feature enables you to establish a backup of the recent events that take place on your computer, this way you can easily download that information to a log file and display it later on, if you get stuck while changing the settings or scanning your files.
You can also delete the log file and remove all the recent activity by clicking the appropriate buttons.
Manage shared storage
Another useful feature is that your file system is protected whenever you use the OneDrive to access your files and folders, thus, NoVirusThanks File System Protector will let you share your home network drive with other users on your network. You can also choose the location to which your protected files will be transferred and the time to set the startup.
You can even choose to restrict that selected drive from being viewed or shared by your system.
Perform system checks
If you encounter any problems with your personal computer, you can easily perform a system check to identify and remove malware or other threats that might be interfering with your system.

System and user account

You can manage users and user accounts in the NoVirusThanks File System Protector, so you can establish which users are not allowed to access which files and folders.
After all the required settings are configured, you can log out and log in other accounts, which also lets you see the corresponding entries in the log window.
Easy interface
While configuring and changing settings you don’t have to waste your precious time trying to navigate through endless menus; the NoVirusThanks File System Protector is just a click away.
Set custom rules and exclusion lists
You can create custom rules that allow certain locations to always be subjected to access restrictions or exclude a specific program or location from being protected.
These options work in real-time, which means that changes are instantly reflected in the list of rules and exclusions.
Handy event log
You can log all the recent activity that takes place on your system and review it later.
This log helps

What’s New In NoVirusThanks File System Protector?

NoVirusThanks File System Protector is a reliable application that lets you block various files or folders from being accessed on your computer. It packs a minimalistic user interface, features a handful of features that can be easily accessed and lets you set custom rules.

NoVirusThanks File System Protector offers its users more than eight real-time filters that are available in two modes: the default rules mode that keeps your computer safe from most dangerous viruses and other malware and a real-time rules mode that prevents instant malware threat messages from appearing on your screen.

Thanks to its real-time rules feature, you will be able to give priority to important files on your computer such as music and movies. Even if you have access to the Internet, you will get email, instant messages and other messages sent to you during real-time.

NoVirusThanks File System Protector Description:

Manage programs on your computer

NoVirusThanks File System Protector can allow you to specify safe programs for your computer to execute or disallow certain programs from being executed.

Use various programs:

You can easily add programs to the list of trusted applications using the “Programs” or “Automatic” sections. All the programs found on your computer can be added without any problems. It is also possible to add the shortcuts that you have on your desktop or taskbar.

Manage programs and settings on your computer:

NoVirusThanks File System Protector lets you specify the duration of any program using a set of customizable variables. It is possible to set this duration to:


1, 5 or 15 minutes

30 minutes

60 minutes

Whenever you have to set this time, you will have to use the “Time Spent” section in the “Settings” tab.

You will also have to use this section to specify the required memory size (in MB) and the available disk space (in MB).

If you want to manage programs that are already installed on your computer or update them, you have to use the “Updates” section. You will be able to specify when the automatic update should be performed and with what file size.

Real-time rules:

NoVirusThanks File System Protector lets you set rules to protect your computer from harmful programs as they are executed. There are two types of real-time rules that you can use: default rules and real-time rules.

Defaults rules

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Dual Graphics Card (optional)
64 MB Video RAM (1 GB recommended)
1 GB hard disk space
1 GB RAM (256 MB recommended)
Dual Core processor
DirectX 9
Note: OSX and Linux users may have to use their respective compatible virtualization software to run Emulator of Doom (XO).
How to run the game:
Download and install the game to your

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