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As said by Hippocrates – “the father of western medicine”, “everything in excess is opposed to nature” and there is a lot of truth in his saying. Nothing in excess is good, not even brushing your teeth.
If brushing is good for your teeth, then brushing vigorously must be really good, right? Nope. Still, lots of people believe this to be true. Brushing too hard can not only cause bleeding gums, but they can even lead to gum recession and dental abrasion ( V-shaped notches near the gum line on your tooth), l​eading to sensitivity and pain.
We dentist cannot cure you of the damage done by toothbrush abrasion but we can help fix the problem by filling the groove that has formed where the tooth meets gum by using a tooth coloured filling material. ​It’s also important to note that once your gums recede, they never come back to where they were originally, and certain situations may require periodontal surgery
In the extreme case of toothbrush abrasion, root canal treatment is the only option to save and restore the form and function of your tooth, followed by a filling material or cap.
If you aren’t sure whether you’re brushing too hard, take a look at your brush bristles. If they’re splayed out in all directions, you probably are. You should use a brush with softer bristles and use a gentle, circular motion to brush your teeth and gums. Keep in mind over brushing won’t give you the healthy teeth. Visit your dentist today to know more about toothbrush abrasion.