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With so many pictures being shared nowadays, it's only natural for everyone to have more and more photos on their drives. Everything is fine until there's that one image you're looking for, but can't find. Luckily, software to help users organize and alter their photos is available — all it takes is to look for it.
If you were looking for such a tool, Photo Supreme has got you covered. Through it, users can categorize their images and structure them in catalogs and folders, while also being able to adjust their look and modify their metadata.
Import your collection
The installation process is smooth and worry-free, and upon starting the app, you'll be asked to import your photos. Importing them to the app will help you have a one-stop-shop for your images, where finding what you need only takes a keyword search.
Organizing gets easier when you have everything in the interface. Clicking an image allows users to label it, as well as change its metadata. Through Labels, users can tag their photos to find them easier: you can introduce your own tags, but the app also has an AI feature that uses Google to detect labels.
Image metadata editing is also possible, and users can either modify the pre-existing data or introduce information about their photos manually.
Editing: one-by-one, or in batch
Through the Adjust menu, users can edit their photos in many ways. Whether it is cropping, flipping, straightening, or adding captions or frames, the Canvas menu offers plenty of ways to modify the proportions of your images. Through the Filters menu, users can further adjust that look by altering the shot's luminance, colors, tone curves, and more.
In addition, the program also offers a Batch editing/modifying feature. Select your images, click to create a new batch, and select the items you would like to adjust from the dropdown menu. There's no shortage of options: change metadata, add filters, introduce effects and other such adjustments, and more.
Photo Supreme is quite the complete package. Whether it is editing or organizing images, the app will handle it without fault.







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Photo Supreme Torrent Download is a Photo Editor that has a lot of features. From organizing to editing to cataloging, this app is all you need to manage your images.
– Elegant and user-friendly interface
– Multiple image tools for editing/modifying
– Photo tags and AI Suggestions
– Adjust/Filters menu
– Batch editing
– Three levels of image catogories
– Alignment/Distortion tools
– Color Balance tools
– Color Effect tools
– Effect tools
– Enlargement tools
– Photo Labels tools
– Frame tools
– Google Doodle tools
– Image rotate tools
– Dispose tools
– Cropping tools
– Crop/Fit tools
– Crop/Rotate tools
– Flip tools
– Fliphone tools
– Split tools
– Straighten tools
– Straighten/Flip tools
– Rotate tools
– Crop/Rotation tools
– Rotate tools
– Straighten tools
– Adjust tools
– Rotate tools
– Quickly organize your images.
– The new photo editor has a lot of features.

User reviews

Love the app, but…

by T.Keeton on March 30, 2018

There is so much I like about this app. I can organize my photos by “event” (e.g. last week) and then within that I can organize by date and create a calendar. It’s very fast and easy to use. Using v1.8.1, my last two photos were not showing up in the folder I created, however photos I create using the app (including ones that are automatically created by the app) are always in the folder and under the correct event. I did not have this issue with the last version of the app.

I had to uninstall the previous version as it installed updates that caused crashes.

I had to uninstall the previous version as it installed updates that caused crashes.

What’s New


– Fixed crashes

Full Uninstall, Fast More crashes!

by J.Perry on March 17, 2018

After updating, it doesn’t work anymore, uninstalled and reinstalled didn’t help!

You can also make sure to uninstall it through the app store. That’s the problem with the whole updater.

You can also make sure to uninstall it through the app store. That’s the problem

Photo Supreme Crack +

The app is great if you have thousands of photos and want to create a whole treasure trove of easy-to-find images.
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Introducing Photo Supreme! Photo Supreme is a picture management tool to help you organize your photos. You can add your photos to specific categories which are represented by folders, organize them by year, location, etc. And you can edit the metadata of each photo, add captions and borders, and even modify the look of your photos with filters. Photo Supreme is a free photo management application developed by the developers of If you want to make beautiful printable photo collages, is one of your best options. Photo Supreme is 100% free and totally compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Please read the Readme files and check out the video tutorial included to learn how to use the program. The photos can be imported from your device, a memory card, a folder, or even from a batch file. Please allow Photo Supreme to run without prompting on your computer by checking the box in the lower left corner of the program.

User reviews of Photo Supreme

Write a review:




By Shazza

So far so good.. And it’s a free program!

Posted 12/11/2015

Photo Supreme Crack+

– Import all of your photos from your camera, SD card, or cloud.
– Organize all of your photos into folders or albums based on the metadata.
– Easily organize and edit your photos by manipulating your metadata

Paint is one of the most used and professional photo editing app you can find in the Play Store. And for a good reason. Thanks to its many features and data-importing capabilities, it’s one of the best options for editing your images. So, whether you’re looking to tweak a photo with a creative touch or turn a landscape into a photo worthy of being shared, the app has got you covered.
Here’s an in-depth review on the subject.
First things first: it’s important to have a good-quality camera, in order to get consistent and high-quality results from Paint. Plus, the app isn’t optimized for low-resolution images.
Now, let’s talk about the features. As mentioned before, Paint is packed with them. Here’s a list of the things you can do with it:
• Tint your images.
• Adjust the lighting of the photo.
• Fix exposure, shadows, highlights, and color.
• Crop and straighten the image.
• Add filters to your images and make them look incredible.
• Work with your photos and create an interesting collage with a photo album.
• Scale your image to make it look bigger or smaller.
• Add text to your images and titles.
• Erase the background and fill it with different colors.
• Apply special effects to your photo and make it look better.
Even when it comes to the tools, Paint has everything covered. There’s a whole array of different lenses, filters, lightboxes, masks, and frames to work with.
Finally, for those who want to import their images to the app, it’s only natural to expect it to be quite easy to do so. As stated before, Paint has data-importing capabilities. That’s something that’s quite appealing. However, there’s a catch. The data you want to import to the app will be in the form of a.tff file.
Facts About Paint
– The app has been downloaded over 10 million times.
– The app supports up to 50 layers.
– Painting with layers lets you have more control over your photos.
– The app comes with several brushes, different types of mattes, and textures

What’s New In Photo Supreme?

Photo Supreme is an app to help users edit and organize their photos.

System Requirements
1. Supports 4.0 or later version (1 GB RAM for iPad Air 2 or newer).
2. A camera that supports photo metadata can be added to your iPad Air 2 or later.

Any reason why an app like this should be rated as poor? If the user says they are impressed that it lets them edit their images, why should that not be a good thing?


After installing Photo Supreme I was very impressed by the variety of options available. I’ve run the app for the last week and have found it to be a powerful and capable application. I would have no problem recommending it to others.
The only caveat is that you will need at least an iPad Air. The iPad Pro is also supported but it is pretty heavy due to its large display.
On a second note, It took Photo Supreme less than 15 minutes to download a collection of 18 images.


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