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The basics of Photoshop include layer blending, image adjustment, and masking. It’s the combination of layers that brings a great photo to life and exposes many opportunities for editing and creativity. In this book, you find a close, detailed look at Photoshop’s editing tools. With those tools you can bring any image to life.

Program Components

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers many of the basic image editing features that you find in its top-of-the-line, professional counterpart, including:

Advanced tools: Elements 8 offers powerful image editing options that aid you in adjusting images. Included are a powerful selection tool, advanced cropping tool, retouching tools, and the ability to add special effects with a variety of filters.

Layer-based image editing: Elements 8 has powerful editing tools that let you convert a single image into a group of layers. You can hide or rearrange each layer, so that you can edit each in isolation while viewing the image simultaneously. With layers, you can work on one aspect of an image and hide it while working on another part.

Features for greater image editing control: Layer and multiple-file support lets you work on images in the order in which you create them, and also gives you the ability to work on one image while working on another. Many advanced editing tools that let you work in greater detail than with individual layers are included. Elements 8 provides more options to change the look of an image.

Creation of collages: You can easily combine photos and images from other sources to make an image that includes elements from several different images. In Elements, you can apply special effects to these collages, rotate them, or add text to them.

Several different viewing and printing options: With Elements you have the ability to save and organize your favorite images in projects. These projects are stored in your image management system, and you can easily print these projects at any time.

Location-aware printing: You can print a project without having to specify the location of each image. Elements 8 sends the project to the printer and places all the images in the order you specify. This means that you can have a project that’s organized and printed as a collage, without having to type in the location of each image.

Image adjustment: Like in Elements, Elements 8 lets you perform operations such as crop, rotate, and sharpen images. In addition, you can apply special effects, adjust levels, and change the color settings for your images.

Cara Download Photoshop Gratis Full Version Crack

Table of Contents


The free version

With the free version, you can:

Create images with many special effects

Use filters

Make selections, remove parts of images, and cut, paste, and combine objects

Save your images in several popular file formats

Try Photoshop without installing it

Unlimited web images with 5 Megapixels and more

Create GIF files

Free accounts

Adobe Photoshop CC and all future versions are available for a yearly subscription called an Adobe Creative Cloud license. With the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you can unlock all of the features in Photoshop and start using them right away. As long as you are subscribed to Creative Cloud, you can use all features of Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are both part of the Creative Cloud. If you are subscribed to Creative Cloud, you can use both programs. You can also use Photoshop on your iPad or smartphone, as long as it has built-in support for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Photoshop Elements can be used without a Creative Cloud subscription. All that is needed is a free Adobe ID. Free accounts enable you to download the full version of Photoshop Elements, though it is limited to 5 Megapixels for web use and non-commercial use.

Digital photography companies and schools often offer a trial version of Photoshop Elements. You can use that version for 60 days.


After you download Photoshop Elements, you’ll find it in the Applications folder. Once it has been installed, you’ll need to sign in with your Adobe ID to make the program work. If you have an existing Adobe ID account, use it to log in.

Many features in Photoshop Elements are found in all of Adobe’s desktop apps. They include:

Tool palettes.

Draw, paint, and select tools.

Specialized tools.


Adjustment, filter, and adjustment layer tools.

Adjustment layers.

Brush and selection tools.

Rulers and grids.

A solid and a creamy eraser.


Save as PDF.

Make your own fonts and use them to customize the text of your image.

Layers to arrange multiple images or effects.

Resize a document.

You can print images or use them on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to design websites or send greetings cards.

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Torrance, California (CNN) In the center of the sprawling city of Torrance, just north of Los Angeles, exists a man-made mountain of trash.

Also known as “The Mountain of Trash,” the trash-filled hill is not natural or man-made, but a result of a simple mistake.

A landfill dump by a single contractor has left over 200 tons of debris — from wood to soiled diapers — undisturbed for more than two decades.

Long ago, the contractor mixed trash with soil at the site, mistakenly substituting it for a special landfill mixture. The piles of junk remained for years, with no one knowing the mistake until a nearby woman made the connection at the news.

“It’s kind of like a giant Lego set,” said Canyon Gate resident Jill Kornfuehrer, who came upon the trash pile as a student and has since become concerned about her neighbors’ safety and about the mountain.

The piles, which contain mostly paper, candy wrappers, plastic, batteries and other solids, are about five feet high and built up all the way to the edge of the street.

The Hill of Trash

The Torrance resident told Kornfuehrer that her friend, retired Los Angeles firefighter Maria Garcia, found the piles on her drive home to Santa Fe Springs from her job at a nearby school.

Garcia, like many of her neighbors, has lived in Canyon Gate for years. Like the majority of the residents in the small gated community, she’s one of the community’s founding members. She told Kornfuehrer that she knew the trash pile existed.

After the woman learned of its existence, she set about to raise awareness about the issue.

“Every time I’d go to the parking lot, there’d be trash sitting on the ground,” Kornfuehrer said. “I have kids. I don’t want them to be picking it up.”

Neighbors have been keeping a log of the date when the trash was deposited and its location.

When she learned of the pile’s existence, Kornfuehrer grew concerned for the safety of her students and her neighbors. After all, trash can be dangerous if not taken care of.

“I came here to see if I could find out about when it was dumped,” she said. “And the history of the dump is like the history of our neighborhood.”

What’s New In?

Golfers are always on the look out for that novel way to customise their golf clubs to maximise their performance on the golf course.

Golf clubs are clearly not the most practical of devices, and there is often little room in the player’s bag for a multitude of clubs, each one a different shape, size, style and weight.

But as innovation enters the world of golf technology, this is beginning to change.

“With the push to get into golf, now there’s a lot more innovation happening in golf,” Nick Pickering told ABC News Breakfast.

“We’re seeing things like clubs that can double up as an iPad, and those things enable you to get your business done as you play golf.”

“The things you can do with those connectivity devices just far exceed the type of golf clubs you can get,” he said.

The idea of golf clubs that double up as an iPad or other mobile devices is not new.

Mr Pickering says the shape of golf clubs is nothing new.

“No one has really called to an Australian to really describe a symmetrical club as the ones being called about at the moment are the arms, the head and the body,” he said.

“But they’re not really innovative as far as any shape that’s used in golf is concerned.

“They can use the shape of a golf club, but to really do much with it they need to really do a lot of technology to it to get it to work out as well as they need to.”

“The design of the club is one thing but then to do the rest of the work to turn that design into something that gets the right performance out of it, that’s what’s new about it,” he said.

“They’re not just some club on a stick, they’re clubs with components and technology to make them work really well and something you can use as something other than a golf club,” Mr Pickering said.

While it may not be possible to have a universal type of golf club, with technological advances, it does appear some companies are working towards making it a reality.

“As it gets more and more technologically advanced, that’s what’s going to happen, there’s going to be a lot of different types of clubs,” Mr Pickering said.

“Already there are clubs that look almost like they’re based on a golf club, with the components for them to look like they

System Requirements:

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Processor: Intel Core i3-2350M, AMD Athlon II X4 620, Intel Celeron G3900, AMD Phenom II X4 940
Intel Core i3-2350M, AMD Athlon II X4 620, Intel Celeron G3900, AMD Phenom II X4 940 RAM: 4GB

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