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Photoshop 2021 (version 22) Crack Download [Updated-2022]

To open Photoshop, go to the Photoshop icon on the Mac desktop, or search for “photoshop” on the Windows desktop.

Finding the keyboard shortcuts

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts enable fast changes to your image. You can still click on objects in your image and drag them wherever you like; however, if you don’t use the keyboard as a shortcut, it’s much slower to click and drag objects around.

Table 5-1 lists the keyboard shortcuts for the main tools. The keyboard shortcut for each tool is shown with a star in the tool’s keyboard shortcut field, and the shortcut is shown in the tool’s pop-up menu, so you can easily choose it. If you don’t see the tool’s keyboard shortcut, make sure that Photoshop’s keyboard shortcut preferences are set to your default keyboard preferences (Mac or Windows).

For more keyboard shortcuts, including the full range of Adobe products, check out the shortcuts link at ``.

You can find a tutorial for learning Photoshop in Chapter 2.

Keyboard shortcuts for the Select tool

Here is the keyboard shortcut for the Select tool:

Click the Select tool to activate it and then press Alt + A on your keyboard to activate the tool. The Select tool box appears with a select arrow on it, as shown in Figure 5-1. The tool is available through the Tools panel on the Tools drop-down menu.

**Figure 5-1:** Activate the Select tool with Alt + A.

The Select tool enables you to select an area of the image and remove it from its background. After you select a selected area with the Select tool, the result is that no matter where you drag over that area, the area is not included. The area remains in the background as the canvas is moved over it. In the next section, I show you how to select some areas using the Magic Wand.

The Select tool also enables you to drag and drop pixels to create new objects. At this writing, you need to assign a keyboard shortcut to the brush. I used a combination of Alt + Down Arrow to quickly drop a selection in the image. You can assign new keyboard shortcuts to the brush by going to Edit⇒Preferences and to the Default Brushes section, which is a separate section of preference settings.

To use the Select tool, activate it by pressing Alt +

Photoshop 2021 (version 22) Download

You can read more about what Photoshop Elements is.

Editor Features

The most popular of Photoshop Elements features are:

Most of the tools are similar to those found in the full version of the software.

Note: You can add almost all of the PhotoShop features by installing the Adobe Photoshop Elements 13.

Before beginning, we recommend that you make sure that you have a working knowledge of using a graphics editor, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Tool Features

Photoshop Elements 13.0 offers many advanced editing tools to help you work quickly and effortlessly.

In the following screenshots, use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard to navigate between different tools.

Basic Editing Tools

These tools are pre-installed on all versions of Photoshop Elements.

Image-Window Toolbar

You can access the image-window toolbar by clicking on the Image Window button on the toolbar or by pressing:


The toolbar contains the most commonly used tools. You can select the icon for a tool by clicking on the icon in the toolbar. To select all icons, use the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut. To change the icon for a tool, select the tool in the toolbox.

Pencil Tool

The Pencil tool is available from the toolbar. You can drag the tool to an area of the image to change the area’s color. You can also make selections with the Pencil tool.

Select Tool

The Select tool is available from the toolbar. You can select a specific area to change the color. The Select tool does not allow for large selections.

Layer Button

Each version of Photoshop Elements allows you to create and edit many layers. You can add new layers and change layer ordering by clicking the layer button in the toolbox.

Round Button

The Round Button allows you to quickly round an area.

Drawing Tools

The following tools are available in Photoshop Elements from the top toolbar:

Brush Tool

You can use the Brush tool to paint images and fill the canvases. There are several types of brushes in the toolbar.

You can click on the brush to display options for creating a new brush or editing an existing one.

Radial Brush

The Radial Brush tool allows you to make quickly curved selections. You can select the type of brush shape you want by choosing the shape in the top Toolbar.

Photoshop 2021 (version 22)

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What’s New in the Photoshop 2021 (version 22)?

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System Requirements:

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