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Chapter 3: Correcting Problems with Color

No matter how sophisticated your image-editing software, you will run into problems with color. In Photoshop, color problems are addressed with three different tools: the eyedropper, the brush, and the Levels tool.

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And now that you have learned about Photoshop, let’s see how you can edit pictures using different functions of Photoshop.

How to Edit Images in Photoshop

Let’s take a look at the editing features of Photoshop.

Before you begin editing images, create a new Photoshop document.

Open Photoshop and go to File→New.

In the New dialog box, click on the File Format tab, and then select Photoshop Document (*.psd).

Note: The simplest way to create a new Photoshop document is to use File→New.

This will open the New dialog box. You can click on Page Setup to add a new page, adjust other settings, or output as PDF and E-mail.

How to Edit Images in Photoshop

There are many editing functions in Photoshop that can help you edit images.

1. Adjustment Layers

Use Adjustment Layers to adjust color, levels and curves.

To add an Adjustment Layer, click on the plus sign at the bottom right of the Layers panel.

You can also press Ctrl+Alt+U.

You will see the Adjustment Menu in the panel and can adjust any aspect of the adjustment layer.

Select the adjustment layer and you will notice that the Layers panel will now show a tiny box next to the layer. This indicates which adjustment layer you are using. Click on the small box to open up the Adjustments window.

Here you can adjust the color, curves and other aspects of the Adjustment Layer.

Hovering the pointer over the boxes or the stroke of the brush will give you a quick description of the adjustments.

2. Levels

Use Levels to change the brightness or contrast of your image. It is always good to adjust the brightness and contrast of images for better viewing and editing.

To adjust the brightness of an image, use Levels.

In the Layers panel, select the Levels tool and you will see a white square.

Hovering the pointer over the square or the brush stroke will show the range of the levels in the image.

Move the slider as you need it and see the brightness change.

Also, note that the black point and white point show the brightness value of your image.

To adjust the contrast of an image, click on the Levels in the Layers panel and then drag up or down to see the contrast increase or decrease

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Ceramic articles, and in particular monoliths, are typically fabricated by placing a slip mixture into a mold cavity, and sintering in the mold cavity, as described in B. H. Aitken et al., J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 82 (6) pp. 391-393 (1999). In one embodiment, slip can be defined as a mixture of various chemical compounds containing solids and/or starting powders, including an oxide, nitride or carbide of the desired final composition, mixed with conventional processing aids such as graphite, carbon black, titanium dioxide, silica, and plasticizers. The slip is typically formulated by hand and is very messy to prepare. In another embodiment, slip can be sintered using a high pressure autoclave, as is known in the art. The slip is exposed to pressure, temperature, and humidity conditions, which inherently result in the moisture uptake or loss from the slip. The resulting sintered ceramic body is often characterized by shrinkage associated with the final solid-state sintering process, and is often binder loaded. The binders, which are typically present in the slip, include silica, alumina, zirconia, and titanium oxide for heterogenous, oxide, nitride, or carbide systems.
Although sintering generally improves the density of a ceramic article, there is a problem with prior art sintering methods in that moisture absorption and loss can impact the final density of the ceramic body. In particular, the absorbed or lost moisture contributes to the “drying out” of the sintered ceramic body, due to the higher water vapor pressure of the sintered ceramic body, causing an overall reduction of the density and therefore increase in porosity. Further, using prior art slip technology, the moisture or water content of the slip is variable due to inherent fluctuations of the moisture content from batch to batch as well as fluctuations in the humidity. For example, oftentimes in high pressure sintering for nitride applications, there is a significant amount of water activity. As such, the resulting sintered body is prone to have a much higher porosity or void content.
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Gangwon Province

Gangwon Province (Gangwon-do) is a province located in the northeast of South Korea. The province has a population of 2,923,403 and has an area of 4,056.40 square kilometres. It has a land border of 498.07 kilometres with North Korea.


Gangwon Province was established on 1 June 1974 after the merger of Chungbuk and Chungnam Provinces. On December 1, 2015 it was merged into North Jeolla Province, effective March 16, 2016.

The province is one of the most populous in South Korea, and is by far the most densely populated, with the number of inhabitants per square kilometer in Gangwon the highest of any province in Korea.



Langdaepoo National Marine Park, created in 2011, covers an area of 5,080 ha. Langdaepoo, one of the world’s deep-sea national parks, is located about west of Gangneung in Gangwon Province and occupies the Paldang Gyup and the Paldang Poyang in the Sea of Japan. The park covers 35 degrees and 57 minutes of latitude and 129 degrees and 29 minutes of longitude and features abundant marine life, including the Gireum, a rare and highly protected marine animal (terrestrial shark).

Total Population: 2,923,403
Density: 97.83/km2

Gangwon was formerly an important regional trading center, manufacturing ceramics, textiles, gold, paper, and dyes.

See also

Geography of South Korea


External links
Official site
Map of Gangwon Province at the Gangwon-do government official site

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