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The lottery’s randomness gives everyone the exact same likelihood of profitable as the next man, but whereas folks depend on “lucky numbers”, like birthdates and anniversaries, an analysis of previous Irish Lottery outcomes of 2014 reveals that this is a poor strategy to depend on when choosing a winning lottery combination.

Should you get twitchy staying in the identical place for too long, why settle for just a few measly holidays a yr? Fulfill your wanderlust on every one of those 365 days by embarking on a career that will have you actually going places — and never simply up the company ladder.

So what do you get from compulsive buying aside from a new pair of shoes? What’s happening is that buying makes you feel good: The body releases endorphins that stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain, making you glad and reinforcing your buying behavior. What’s addictive is that this high that comes with making purchases [supply: Hatfield]. Another cause some shopaholics take to the stores is to soothe away damaging feelings, like sadness and depression, giving meaning to the phrase “retail therapy.”

Depending on where you bought the ticket, winners have between 90 days and one year to submit the winning lotto ticket and claim their prize. After this, mhandee the means of receiving the prize begins. This usually takes between one and ten days to finish as soon as the ticket has been verified.


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