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Researchers have found that our sleep patterns are rather odd, consisting of 90-minute cycles during which we go through the various phases of sleep, from near wakefulness to deep REM sleep and back.
Sandman is a fairly simple application that aims to help you make the most of these sleep cycles. It can calculate the ideal time for you to go to bed based a set wake up time, so as to include the maximum number of full 90-minute sleep cycles.
Go to bed at the right time to guarantee a restful sleep
This application is all about making the most of the time you spend in bed, and it does this by calculating how many 90-minute cycles you can go through based on your scheduled wake-up time.
Some health experts recommend that you sleep exactly 7.5, or even 9 hours, although many of us are accustomed to much less. In any case, it’s important to pack as many complete cycles as possible into your sleep schedule.
Calculates the ideal time to go to sleep and displays notifications
Sandman requires no installation, so you can start using it right away. Once you have set your desired wake up time, it will determine when you should go to sleep and provide you with several options.
Naturally, we don’t exactly fall asleep instantly, so the program displays the notifications 15 minutes before the actual sleeping time; this value can even be customized.
Easy to configure and very unobtrusive
You can choose between the 12-hour and 24-hour time formats, as well as set the default wake up time that will be remembered after shutting down the application.
After setting everything up, you can minimize the main window and let the app run in the system tray. It displays notifications when needed, but it stays out of your way the rest of the time.
In a nutshell, Sandman is a simple but useful application that can help you make the most of the time you dedicate to sleeping. It is an Electron-based app, and therefore rather large, and the user interface is not particularly impressive, but it can ensure you make the most of each night of sleep.


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Wake up in the morning refreshed.
With the help of the the wizard you will be able to ensure that you will have a good and refreshing sleep. You will be able to make optimal choices based on the composition of your sleep cycle.
Calculates the optimal time to go to bed and provides options to increase your chances of getting a good rest.
The program is suitable for people who sleep in every 12 or 24 hours.
The program can be applied in your smartphone, and there is no need to download anything, you can install it directly.
Sandman Cracked Accounts app can display time and date, temperature, and many other parameters and information and you can choose between the day and night mode.

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➤How to help you make the most of your sleep cycles?
➤Forget daily alarms.
➤Estimate how many complete sleep cycles you can go through in a night.
➤If you are getting less than 7.5 hours of sleep a night, this app will tell you how to get the most out of the ones you do get.
➤Multiple time format choices.
➤One touch cleaning up of the notification tray.
➤Calculates the ideal time to go to bed.
➤Use the night bed time calculator.
➤Displays the notifications in the system tray.


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The Sandman has been helping you be more productive for years now. In this latest iteration, you can control and schedule your personal digital assistant (PDA), your alarm clock, and more.
Don’t worry, we wont eat all your alarms. Just today and a bit more, that’ll be all.
• Wake up to a customizable set of 7 day alarms.
• Use the volume keys on your phone to ring your phone and your wakeup alarm.
• Browse through day and night colors to customize your alarm colors
• 10 sleep cycle tracks to remind you just when you should be sleeping.
• The sandman beeps automatically after waking up at night or before going to bed.
• Set your iPhone to sleep or wake at a specific time.
• Customize your Alarm Sound and Silences in the preferences.
(Please note: You have to have saved your alarm sound and the names of the Silences in the app to make it work. The Sandman can operate without saving anything.)
*** This was a paid app, but we’ve removed the price. ***
We are sorry we could not remove the $4.99.
Some people already save hundreds of dollars on their annual iPhone storage by moving unused apps to the hard drive. Sandman is the perfect example of why this is a brilliant idea. We hope you enjoy it without the $4.99.
The Sandman Features:
• Create up to 7 day alarms that can wake you to your favorite songs, sounds and melodies.
• Use the volume keys on your phone to wake your iPhone
• Browse through day and night colors to customize your alarm colors
• 10 sleep cycle tracks to remind you just when you should be sleeping.
• Get to the next sleep cycle as soon as you hear your alarm
• Set your iPhone to sleep or wake at a specific time.
• Use Night Sounds to create a soothing background for your sleep
• Customize your Alarm Sound and Silences in the preferences
• The Sandman beeps automatically after waking up at night or before going to bed.
• Save up to 7 days worth of alarm schedules in the Preferences window
• Set to the iPhone to sleep or wake at a specific time.
• Customize your Alarm Sound and Silences in the preferences
• The Sandman currently supports English, German, and French languages.
Version: 1.1
New in Version: – Added option to Remember

What’s New in the?

0.9.0 – Support for the Sandman Exporter for exporting and viewing your dream journal.

0.8.3 – Support for exporting to Latex on demand

0.8.2 – Bug fixes.

0.8.1 – Added settings to customize where the batch of dreams are saved.

0.8.0 – Bug fixes.

0.8.0-dev – Major features added.

0.7.1 – Added a custom notification for the Sandman application.

0.7.0-dev – Bug fixes.

0.7.0 – Full support for Lua scripts.

0.6.2-dev – Bug fixes

0.6.2 – Bug fixes.

0.6.1 – Adjustment to the dream journal text.

0.6.0-dev – New actions associated with dream events and time.

0.5.0-dev – Bug fixes.

0.5.0 – Implemented a clean up when Sandman exits.

0.4.0-dev – Bug fixes.

0.4.0 – Per-dream formatting for the dream journal entries.

0.3.5-dev – Bug fixes.

0.3.5 – Bug fixes.

0.3.4-dev – Bug fixes.

0.3.4 – Bug fixes.

0.3.3-dev – Bug fixes.

0.3.3 – Bug fixes.

0.3.2-dev – Bug fixes.

0.3.2 – Bug fixes.

0.3.1-dev – Bug fixes.

0.3.1 – Additional improvements to the MIME Export option.

0.3.0-dev – Bug fixes.

0.3.0 – Minor adjustments to the user interface.

0.2.1-dev – Bug fixes.

0.2.1 – Bug fixes.

0.2.0-dev – New text formatting options to make the journal entries easier to read.

0.2.0 – Bug fixes.

0.1.0 – Initial release.

Sandman is freeware.6.1.4 Replication and Failover of the VFS_Multipath_Requ

System Requirements:

2GHz or faster processor
1GB RAM or higher
Windows 7 or later
Key Specifications:
PCB – White
Package – Protective cover
RGB LED strip
Display (screen)
Monitor: 22 inches 1920×1080
Video standard: NTSC or PAL
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
OSD: yes
Sound: Dual Built-In Speaker
Resolution: 1080p
Signal processor: internal IR
SPDIF: yes

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