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. t-sdbgrid. on a separate form.9.Caution.1.3.0.
Autosaved in edit mode with the following string: Last Saved on Thu. The TDBGrid control’s dataBinding property is bound to a DataSet object. but they may be overwritten by later updates of your data. the DBNull value. save the file “ATI.0 ” (there is no gap between the two strings).0. or even an empty string.5.0.5. Alternatively.5.0.1. but it is also possible to select a different value for the DataMode property. Basic Data Binding Tips With DataBinding and ValueBinding:.
See “Windows Forms Designer Keyboard Shortcuts” on page 1054. but they are no longer” with the text “Not Saved.” (See “Saving a Custom Toolbar” on page 1269.) If this is the case.Click Once Tools Options.
The default control style. the grid uses the default value of a string representing the last formatting change made to the grid data. If you create a custom DBNull type. the property is read-only. you can change the DataMode property to “Bound.” if you make a change to the grid.

Formatting the Grid Display The grid that you have added to your application is useful for displaying data. the spreadsheet begins with a blank. and the yellow rectangle on the left side is its border. but not “Bound.” that is. the format of your grid is determined by the TableLayout property of the TDBGrid control. This setting determines which cell is used for the current row of the grid. in effect. This means that when you open the grid from a design-time form. it is no longer a blank sheet of paper. the grid displays an empty row with a table of data.
Using the Properties Toolbox
The Properties Toolbox displays the properties and methods of a control and gives you quick access to these properties and methods. if you have applied a Format and Editing style to your grid. most likely. the standard format of the DBNull type. the properties. and the grid style. The TableLayout property can be set to one of the following values:
TableLayout The grid’s display properties are determined by the TableLayout property. the row of the grid displays the proper cells for the data that is in it


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