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This does appear to be a bug in SVN. We’ve been using GitHub for our repository and we recently switched to GitHub Pages to host it. I’m not familiar with GitHub but their help pages indicate that you should simply be able to create another repository and then specify your new location in your repo URL. In this case, the command to make it is
svn –bare –fsfs-scheme http setfsfs

of the tables; the altar, where
four candles were burning; and the walls of which were with rich
“algernative, or auburn” tapestry “embroidered with gold and silver
threads.” In the courtyard was a tree of marble in the middle, in the
base of which ran a basin of water.

Through a series of rooms, lighted by two windows, I found myself in the
“cour.” All the screens, or rather verandahs, were painted and carved
and ornamented and gilt, and their walls were filled with glowing
cunningly-painted ceilings; and the doors were of various gay and rich
patterns of glazed and silver-bronze ware. Facing these were books.
Every window, however, from the beginning of the courtyard, and even into
the fourth court, had at the side the white enameled front of a screen,
shaped like half a door. And at the edge of all the other windows were
wreathed and gilt fruit trees with bunches of golden apples. As I stood
there, the air was somewhat alive with song. I felt quite faint with the
exhaustion of my long journey, and the thrill of this, the warm
sensuousness of it all. And then, after a while, I started to get into
the spirit of the place as I had never dreamed I should. The first thing
I did was to look through a small arch in a quadrangle, where the great
curving marble stairs of the gardens came down into the pavement. There
was an arcade or verandah with doors, and in the arch was a flight of
steps up to these. I went up and looked in. The top of the stairs was
broken into a number of little marble rooms, where a company of men were
sitting and smoking and

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After reading about out algos, i feel that i need to define the first element in the samples list as a matcher. Some outlier data to test the robustness of the algos.
Thank you in advance.


At the moment you are only expanding on the test cases and the strategies you have are very simple. So it is too early to talk about robustness.
I would suggest you to write a small part of your program in a more appropriate programming language, e.g. C++ or Java. Then you can run the test from the command line, as a JUnit test. This will allow you to analyze your program very easily.

Furthermore, you may want to adapt it to your problem and optimize it by trying to determine different strategies, which will be reflected in running times and memory. You may even want to switch your computer to your problem domain to get a feel for the algorithms used there.


I don’t think that “to catch’malicious’ programs out of a huge amount of programs is a reasonable approach” because the ruleset, the logic, etc has to be adjusted, or at least you would want to spend more time on that, and then you could do more extensive testing.
I would like to mention the many power tools you have in your toolbox, including the aforementioned own string matching logic, to go after malware out of large numbers of programs.
There is something that you can do, that you did not do, to reduce the programming effort. You could use a preprocessor instead of a compiler.
If you want to do it in your own way, then you need to recognize, why you are doing it:

First you use this pattern

if (strcmp(program, “your_malicious_program”)

then you compare that string to every program and use some comparison logic to split that program into substrings.

Next step is, if you have found “dangerous” programs that should be monitored, create a database with (something like) ID, date, checksum, description, etc.
Now you just check that same database to see if you find the same ID.
Third step is, monitor the database for suspicious changes.

Problem, what you do not do, is to check that you did not get too much traffic and now you have found too much traffic

Any and all work that is posted here is from our own personal devices. Please direct complaints regarding advertisement links, malware infections, and the like to @max (@maxnelsonuk), or @ModForUM, and we will promptly sort out the issue. Thank you.


I’ve found the issue.
When opening the compiled program from the compiled executable.exe, it was detecting the compiled executable as an invalid x86 program.
I had not realised that this was something that Visual Studio compiled to produce and so the compiled exe was very similar to a 32bit exe, so I assumed it would cause this issue.

Check the file properties, then right click the file and select Properties to see the details on the file format.
Select an appropriate one.

Clinicopathological study on renal cell carcinoma with heterologous malignant mesothelioma of the pleura.
A 42-year-old man with lung cancer with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (clear cell type) in the pericardium and pleura was found to have paraneoplastic hypercalcemia. Computed tomography of the thorax showed tumor masses in the parietal pleura, right diaphragm, and subcutaneous space in the chest wall. Histopathological examination of the pleural tumor revealed a combined malignant mesothelioma. The histological features of the renal cell carcinoma in the pleural tumor were identical to those of the original tumor. Immunohistochemical analysis of both tumors showed positive staining for keratin, vimentin, and thyroglobulin, and negative staining for CEA, CEA 19-9, carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), ferritin, and HLA DR. Although many solid tumors including mesothelioma are known to produce vimentin, keratin, and/or thyroglobulin, this is the first report of a solid tumor associated with paraneoplastic hypercalcemia that produced vimentin, keratin, and/or thyroglobulin.Q:

Error: ‘object’ has no attribute ‘get’ when running TestFunction

I’m trying to fix a bug in my code, and I’m trying to trace where the issue is coming from, by trying to find the time the bug occurs.
I have a function that

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