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Photoshop is the most widely used program for photo editing worldwide.

The principles of Photoshop are directly related to the principles of digital imaging and are a good introduction to this highly useful tool.

Tracing an image with overlapping layers

In Photoshop, the basic task of adding, changing, or removing an object in an image is always done with the layers. (See Chapter 16 for more on layers.) When you add a layer, it creates a new stack of images, with the new layer on top of the image you started with and all the other layers below it. If you create a new layer by drawing a new shape with the Brush tool, the new layer is immediately visible, overlaying whatever is beneath it.

Figure 2-1 shows a drawing with a new layer drawn on top. Because the layer is above the layer below it, the new layer is transparent. If you look closely, you see the shapes beneath the new layer.

Illustrated image by Andy Rathbone.

As you can see from the drawing, you can add a new layer above or below an existing layer. To create new layers over top of the existing layers, choose Layer⇒New Layer. For more on layers, see Chapter 16.

Photoshop has a lot of power, and you can use that power to create layers that are in front or behind one another. Layers that are in front of each other are overlaid. The computer figures out which layer is placed on top of the others. Figure 2-2 illustrates layers that are overlaid.

Illustrated image by Andy Rathbone.

If you add a new layer on top of an existing layer, the new layer is transparent. That means you can’t see objects in the image below the new layer because anything on top of it hides anything below it. If you want to use the underneath layer, you must create a new layer and move it so that it’s over the existing layer.

Photoshop has a lot of power, and you can use that power to create layers that are in front or behind one another. Layers that are in front of each other are overlaid. The computer figures out which layer is placed on top of the others. Figure 2-2 illustrates layers that are overlaid.

Illustrated image by Andy Rathbone.

**Figure 2-1:** To add a new layer over an existing layer, click the New Layer icon on the Layers

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Photoshop Elements is the most popular app for editing pictures and videos. As a matter of fact, Photoshop Elements is one of the best softwares to edit images and videos. As long as the image is in an acceptable format, Photoshop Elements will get the job done. You can easily fix any pictures no matter how you got it. Photoshop Elements comes with versatile effects tools and provides a way to edit still images, videos and web galleries.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a powerful photo editor app but unfortunately it does not offer RAW editing. What do I mean RAW? A RAW file is an unprocessed image, which most camera manufacturers and professional photographers use to take awesome photos. RAW files are the ones created by the photographer with the camera he owns. They contain a lot of useful information which will help you edit your pictures more easily. RAW files are like the pictures you can see in a photo booth at a social gathering. They reveal the photographer’s artistic sensibility and creativity. RAW files are for more people.

If you are a professional photographer you must always use RAW files.

Adobe Photoshop Elements comes with RAW editing features but because of their size, RAW files cannot be imported to Photoshop in one go. So you can only open one RAW file at a time and that will take you a lot of time to open them all.

Luckily, it is easy to batch-open RAW files into Photoshop.

The tools you can use to open and edit RAW files in Photoshop.

Here’s an ImageMagick tool which is used to convert RAW to another format. You can use it to convert RAW files into other more convenient formats like PSD or JPG. The process would have to be repeated several times, since most RAW formats can only be opened in the original format and no other format is accepted by Photoshop.

It is a great tool for image manipulation but it works better if you have the original RAW file. Because the conversion takes a lot of time, so batching the conversion is the best option.

There are several ways to batch-open RAW files in Photoshop. If you are using MacOSX, have installed the latest version of Mac Catalyst. Open Catalyst and the library you want to convert, as shown below.

In this case, I am batch-converting RAW files into JPG.

From here, you can select multiple RAW files and switch between them and Photoshop will open all of them.

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[Start using Photoshop](
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Nicolás Borja (born 17 October 1969) is a former Uruguayan footballer who played for clubs of Uruguay, Chile and Spain.

He is currently the assistant coach of Spanish club Mérida UD.

Progreso 1990–1991
Rampla Juniors 1991–1995
River Plate 1996
Racing de Ferrol 1996
Boca Juniors 1997
Progreso 1997
Cobreloa 1998
Deportes Iquique 1998–1999
Deportes Antofagasta 1999
Rampla Juniors 1999–2000
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Deportes Iquique 2001
CD Eldense 2002
Progreso 2003–2004
Deportes Antofagasta 2004
Real Betis 2005–2007
Quilmes 2007–2008
Club Pachuca 2008–2010
Pachuca 2010–2012
Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy 2013–2014
Mérida UD 2014–2015


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