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SAGE CRM offers major advantages for any type of business requiring a comprehensive solution for human resources management. SAGE CRM is designed to grow with your needs, automatically creating scale-up options as your company grows. SAGE CRM by recording all person related data in a database, you can do an unlimited number of calculations to plan and analyze any type of employee’s career. SAGE CRM provides a personalized career guidance program to provide more information to help them excel in their career and job. The SAGE CRM management system is also able to incorporate a strategic employment planning program that calculates, aggregates and reports the best possible solution for the company. This is not an easy task to do. Employees are meant to work from different locations, for various reasons. The SAGE CRM staffing management system is able to manage your work from numerous places.

The unique career guidance system in SAGE CRM helps you to create personal achievement plans for your employees by planning & tracking. You can also define objectives, review what has been done & learn more about your employees progress. It also uses the best approach to find solutions & the overall performance of your staff on different levels. It also help your staff to achieve their dreams by sharing their achievements & team spirit within the company. You can also upgrade one of the modules to suit your business & increase your personnel’s satisfaction and morale.

The integration of the payroll system in SAGE CRM is a great feature of this unique software. It will help you train your employees to manage their own payroll. This payroll is interlinked with your ERP software. One of the best features of SAGE CRM is that managing payroll is very easy. In this payroll module, you only need to give your employees an access to the desired information & they can manage their payroll easily. The SAGE CRM Universal payroll module is suitable for small businesses as it does not require much administration and the interface is not complex. Even if you are a large corporation, you can still use this payroll as it helps you in reduced payroll.


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