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TConsole provides you with a simple, lightweight VCL component for Delphi that you can use to simulate a text console user interface.
TConsole does not support scrolling and copy – paste actions.The OnGetPrompt event handler is called anytime the console is required.







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TConsole extends the standard TForm class with a simple, lightweight console. It includes the OnGetPrompt event handler to be called when the console is needed. It also includes the OnGetPromptMessage handler to be called when the prompt message is required. The OnGetMessage event handler is also called whenever the console needs to print a formatted message.
Using TConsole
To use TConsole, simply create a new instance of it and assign it to your form, like so:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
Console: TConsole;
Console := TConsole.Create(self);
Console.Caption := ‘This is my new console’;
Console.Left := 300;
Console.Top := 200;
Console.OnGetMessage := ConsoleMIdleProc;

Now, every time the console is required, the OnGetPrompt event handler will be called to show the prompt message.
The above example shows a new console on the form, named “Console”. When the message box is done displaying the message the OnGetMessage event is executed and the program moves on.
Because the console component is just a form with different drawing properties and handlers, you can easily reuse the components for your own custom look and feel. If you do not want to display the prompt message to the form’s window, you can have the OnGetPrompt event handler print the string to the console output instead.
The default console height is 10, the default width is 300 pixels. The default font is Courier New.
Class Variables
You can set the following class variables to alter the default appearance of the console component.
You can define the height and width of the console form using the CONSOLE_WIDTH and CONSOLE_HEIGHT class variables. The maximum value for the width or height is 32767.

The text font must be one of the fonts that Windows includes in the registry.
You can change the text font to one of the included fonts by setting the CONSOLE_FONT property.

You can change the color of the Console form using the CONSOLE_COLOR. The value assigned to the console

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TConsole is a VCL control that provides a Simula-style VCL console for use in any application that uses the VCL. TConsole is meant to be a lightweight and simple alternative to the standard VCL console control. It uses the same native console API but it does not support all the features of the standard console control.

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TConsole is a VCL component that can be used to create simple, lightweight console interfaces. It is to be used in conjunction with the TScreen component to display information.
TConsole is very easy to use. You simply instantiate it, call its Write method to print a message to the screen, and then you terminate it.
TConsole does not support scrolling and copy – paste actions.
TConsole Supports the following features.
– Write and Read asynchronously.
– Colored messages are supported.
– The EndReadEvent and the EndWriteEvent methods are supported.
– A simple dialog is supported.
– A simple browse dialog is supported.
– Memo is supported.
– Columns and rows can be scrolled by specifying their width and height.
– Multiline messages are supported.
– TScreen is supported.
– SizeMapping is supported.
TConsole does not support the MouseMove event, so TConsoleDialog cannot be used to display messages on top of it.
TConsole does not support the Copy – Paste actions.
TConsole does not support mouse clicks.
TConsole does not support multiple windows.
TConsole does not support scrollbars.
The TConsole.Writeln method.
The TConsole.ShowMemo method.
The TConsole.SetColor and TConsole.GetColor methods.
The TConsole.SetFont and TConsole.GetFont methods.
The TConsole.Append method.
The TConsole.Readln method.
The TConsole.GetPrompt and TConsole.ReadLine methods.
The TConsole.Write method.
The TConsole.WriteLn and TConsole.WriteLine methods.
The TConsole.Move method.
The TConsole.ScrollDown and TConsole.ScrollUp methods.
The TConsole.ScrollToBottom and TConsole.ScrollToTop methods.
The TConsole.Close event handler.
The TConsole.MaxLines and TConsole.ScrollUpLimit property methods.
If you want to use TConsole you can get the source code from


You can use a simple old fashioned “GetWindowText” function to get what you want.

@param actual Value of the Association
* @param label Text for the (current)

What’s New in the?

TConsole is a simple, lightweight VCL component for Delphi that simulates a text console with the functionality you need to have your application look like a console application. It does not provide scroll or copy-paste functionality, and it runs on a single thread.

Why do you need to simulate a text console? You can use a “normal” textbox and manually resize, e.g. using the on resize handler.
Maybe your focus is on a different concept of a console.

I wrote a console for debugging (using WireShark), but it is more complex than a simple text box. It has a status bar at the top with the name of the currently logged, captured, or decoded packet and a system status bar at the bottom, with the time (e.g. t/150), the captured or decoded, and the captured frame. I can also align the text with a specific width.
This is not a textbox.

I will check if the on resize handler would resize the text correctly, but even then this is not a textbox, but a separate component that provides such functionality, if I’m not mistaken.

I’m not 100% sure that I understood correctly. Did you mean a TextBox component without text?
I’m an expert of textboxes, but I’m not very familiar with TConsole. I am used to work with embedded applications and they all look like textboxes

But I want a simple, plain, white textbox that does not have any focus styling or decoration, so that I can put it at the bottom of my form or canvas. The only functionality it has is to send text to it, a cursor, a scroll bar and on resize it is expanded to fill its parent container.

Looking at the demo, it seems to be more complex than a simple text box.
Here is the demo from the package. Delphi have some fun in working with them 🙂

So the only thing you want is a plain text box that looks like a text box, i.e. no focus, no decoration, no border, plain and white. You also need the ability to add text to it, scroll up, and resize it.

I’ve attached a screenshot with a component I made as a practical example, using the point I made above. It is not the same as yours (it does not have the cross cursor at the bottom), but it does not look like a text

System Requirements For TConsole:

Hardware Requirements:
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