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m0x m3g0uWestworld has a cameo in the trailer for James Bond film No Time To Die, which stars Daniel Craig as 007. But who are the people in the crowd? Here’s a quick guide.

Who are the white-shirted men in the trailer?

There’s a moment in the trailer when Daniel Craig runs, and the white-shirted men are in hot pursuit. They’re not all police – one of them carries what looks like a bow and arrow, suggesting they may not be entirely law enforcement.

Who are the five women in the crowd?

The five women in the No Time To Die trailer are the guests of Bernard Lowe – who is played by Jeffrey Wright – and Dolores Abernathy.

For this scene, Bernard and Dolores were doubled, with Tessa Thompson in the role of one of the women and Sam Heughan in the other.

They’re the wives of the two men in the garages. The woman on the right is presumably Maeve Millay, whilst the woman on the left is the second wife of Logan Delos. Maeve is played by Emily Crandall.

The final two women in the scene are the final two unknowns – as yet unidentified guest characters from the William Hill headquarters.Twins will keep Daniel Santana

MIAMI — The Minnesota Twins have extended a contract offer to outfielder Daniel Santana.

According to a source, Santana will make $5.6 million over the three-year deal and can earn as

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NZGL’s “rethink the brand” session gets hot

Auckland: General Motors Holden will rethink its brand identity at the NZ International Motor Show (NZIMS) with an “old school” campaign.

The industry body New Zealand International Motor Show (NZIMS) said the re-look at the brand will see the refreshed branding reflects a modern and relevant image for the brand.

“The brand will focus on the core values of performance, performance sophistication and sportsmanship,” NZIMS said.

A new livery will be applied to the cars, with the revised image will be rolled out across all global markets.

“Our current position will shift to a more contemporary and sportier approach across all of our models to help us with the repositioning that will be happening globally,” said Holden Holden New Zealand managing director Nick Sykes.

Facing the ‘copycat’ Asian brands have been trying to gain a foothold in the Australian market, Holden was quick to jump on the bandwagon and bring out the new-look Boss 302, a Holden performance twin-turbo engine, in August.

Compared to Mitsubishi and Toyota, it has not been an easy journey for the Australian car company to claim its spot in the local market.

It had been trying its hand at competing with a raft of so-called foreign brands, which no longer struggle for market share because of the ever-increasing fuel costs and higher insurance premiums in Australia.

But its market share has fallen due to strong performance by Toyota and high fuel prices which has knocked Holden’s image in the eyes of local customers and the media.

It has lost its title of the number one-selling brand in Australia to Toyota for the past four months, dropping out of the number one position in June. It claimed the title from September last year to January this year.

In the process, it has lost over 200,000 sales, including the iconic Commodore.Q:

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