Unlock Huawei E5220 Dc Unlocker !!TOP!! Cracked

Unlock Huawei E5220 Dc Unlocker !!TOP!! Cracked


Unlock Huawei E5220 Dc Unlocker Cracked

5. Wait until all the instructions have been read. If all is going well, click on OK to continue.1. Now let the software rest until it is completely done and then click on OK to continue.2. Now, go to the HP section and change the software. Now click on Next to continue.3. If the process does not continue properly. Reboot your modem/router by holding the power button for 5 seconds and click on the power button once. Check to make sure that the screen is completely black, this will ensure that a log in is not done. Then press the Power button again to turn on the modem/router.4. Rest for 10 seconds and then repeat the process once more. After doing these steps, your modem/router should start to reset itself.

5. Once the process is complete, click on OK to continue. After the process completes, the Huawei E5220 modem will restart itself. Now the Huawei E5220 DL number will show on your dongle. You will be required to enter the Huawei E5220 number in the DC-Unlocker software at the System tab and unlock all the locked user codes from your Huawei E5220 modem. After entering the password in the software, it will automatically download the latest versions of your locked Huawei E5220 modem firmware.

It is recommended to take a print out of your Huawei E5220 unlocking codes and then add it in the Huawei E5220 DC-Unlocker if you want to unlock any Huawei E5220 modem because it will save you a lot of time searching the unlocking code of your Huawei E5220 modem.

6. Once the Huawei E5220 modem is unlocked, you will start downloading the firmware and in the process, the operating system will also get downloaded. Now, just click on the OK button to continue with the next step.7. Click on OK to continue now.


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